Changing routines

Exercise experts state that you need to change your exercises periodically because the body tends to adapt and stagnate. These gurus suggest changing one’s routine every 4-6 weeks. Would it meet the change exercises standard if I change my exercises:

  1. Within a week.

  2. Within a workout.

I think research has shown that sets/reps is what needs to be changed more frequently. You can use exercises for longer periods of time than 4-6 weeks. That is what is typically done on a linear model of periodization. And as CW has written, “the linear method sucks.” It causes burnout quickly, and changing exercises won’t help.

So, you’re better off trying something more along his lines of thinking. Or using a conjugate method of training.

Trust me, I’ve done the linear training for many years, and it always lead to burnout. Changing exercises didn’t help. It was a revolving circle. Make progress for a while and then BAM! No more progress. So you change your program. It works for a little while, and then BAM! It happens again.

Go read some of CW’s training articles, especially Triple Total Training, the Single’s Club and ABBH.

Changing your exercises too frequently will cause limited progress. So I wouldn’t do as you are thinking.

I would think it would be pretty tough to measure progress if you change your exercises that much. If you don’t do an exercise but once every few weeks, because of changing them every week or workout, how do you know that you’re getting stronger? It could be four weeks down the road until you get under that bar again and realize you didn’t gain any strength, or maybe lost some. Then you just pissed away four weeks to find out your program isn’t working.

Maybe you could find a way around this that I’m not thinking of. If you do think of one, please post some ideas.

Palom,to avoid adaptation and stagnation it’s better to change the workouts after approximatively 6 weeks.
CW suggests a possible workout sequence:
Big Boy Classics, ABBH,ABBH2,Quattro Dynamo, Single’s Club. At this point you may start the sequence again or try TTT,CT’s OVT, Westside, De Franco,CS’s EDT etc.