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Changing Routine After a Few Months


I've been lifting weights for about 4 months now. Two straight months, and 2 months on and off (I find it hard to have the time to exercise with school work). I'm going to start to lift weights regularly again, and I was wondering if there is a good muscle building program out there for someone like myself. I was thinking about trying the Positions of Flexion work out, but I don't think I need something as intense as that.

Opinions are greatly appreciated.


Honestly, you're at an advantage. Because you're a beginner, there are very little odds of you doing something counter-productive.

What I would advise you not to do, however, is adopt some training program designed for elite athletes or bodybuilders. This is a very common mistake which could be avoided with a simple logic: If you're not an elite athlete or bodybuilder, don't follow a program designed for one.


That's pretty much what I was saying about the Positions of Flexion work outs. Is it for an elite athlete/bodybuilder?


do the 25 for hypertrophy found at the end of this article


and go and read every article you can on this site about training.


The only problem is... the only gyms in the area where I live require you to be 16 with I.D. I have no where to do dips, pullups, chin ups, seated calf raise.


Is there no local park nearby with a play area for kids?

You can mix and match an exercise if you don't have the adequate equipment.


The only park near my house doesn't have a place to do pullups/chinups. There's also nowhere to do dips.


good answer.


What type of area do you live in (urban, suburban, rural)? Are there trees in the park? Then do the pull-ups/chin-ups from a tree branch. You can do dips between two sturdy chairs, between two counter tops (either between an island and another counter top, or where two counter tops come together to form a right angle), between where two railings meet (on a porch, fire escape, etc...). Really you just need to use your imagination.

Or alternatively you could invest in a set of gymnastics rings. They're not free, but they will allow you to do a large variety of exercises. Here is the type that I myself have. They are adjustable (to different heights), so they allow for easy changing of exercises.


Finally you could potentially invest in a free weight set. It's also not going to be "cheap", but it will be well worth the money if you actually use it.

But at under 16 years of age (which I am assuming that you are from a previous statement that you made), just about anything is going to be beneficial for you.

Good luck and good training,



standing calf raises can be done on any stair...

as has already been said, you only need a chairs to do dips.

chin ups can be done on any door jam if your willing to toughen up those finger tips, or you can use a beam in the garage or throw a towel around a beam or a tree branch and hit the grip too.

if none of that works for you you can do 'reverse push ups' under a table... lie on your back under the table, grab the edge and pull yourself up ...

If this still doesn't work for you then replace the dips with decline or incline dumbbell press and the chins with single arm dumbell pullovers, or bent over rows, or bent over lat raises...

there are lots of options, you can customize any workout to your circumstance... be creative!

as new trainer/young gun nutrition is probably more important anyways....