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Changing Rep Ranges

Hi, I’ve been training for 2 years this April, and have gone from 165.347 to 205 at 6,3 in that time, I have just started changing my rep ranges every 6 weeks. The rep range cycle is 15 reps, 10-12 reps and then 6-8 reps then back to 15 reps.

My thinking behind this is while maximum muscle gains are in the higher reps ranges, I use the shorter rep ranges to build strength so when i get to 15 reps again i can lift more for higher reps and use this to build more muscle. Is this pure bro science, but is it worth doing this?

So instead of progressing in weight you will use the same weight you used at 6 reps all the way till you get to 15 reps?

Sorry for not being clear and thanks for replying. I will progress the weight, thats why i do the strength phase its so just when I go back to doing 15 reps i can lift more for them 15. If you mean do I increase the weight lifted in the 6 weeks thats a yes as well, I record and log every workout and aim to keep the weights the same every week or increase them if I can. I hope I have made myself clear, thanks again fuzzyapple.

Having blocks of different rep ranges is a very well known method and works very well but I’m not sure you have it set up quite right.

In most cases there are just two blocks and each block usually last 3 to 4 weeks. The reason for this is if you have 3 blocks and each block last 6 weeks then by the time you get back to your starting block 12 weeks would have gone by and you most likely would have lost the effect of that original block.

The first block is an accumulation phase where you train your main lifts in a rep range of say 7-10 reps depending on what the lift is. Obviously not all lifts have the same rep range. This is a high volume phase also known as a hypertrophy phase.

The 2nd block is an intensification phase where you train your main lifts in a rep range of say 3-6. Again it may change slightly depending on what the lift is. This is a high intensity phase also known as a strength phase.

After completing both blocks some exercise may be changed.

These rep range recommendations are for the main lifts. You can certainly go higher on auxiliary lifts such as bent over dumbbell rows or lateral raises etc…

I did a few workouts almost exact like this with my buddy the past few weeks. Got very sore, made decent (comparable to previous setup) strength gains, and gained a little more size that with my previous setup (5 by 5 or 4 by 6-8). We did upper Mon and Thur and lower Tue and Fri. Upper days were 3 push movements and 4 pull movements, nothing else. Lower days were squats, leg press, lunges, hack squat machine, and 2 calf movements

I’m choosing to read this as I’ve designed a better plan the 5x5 ;), and I do
Monday Chest and Biceps
Tuesday Back and Tris
Wednesday Squats and Delts
Thursday Core, prehab and chest (this is more of an active rest day i use to bring my relatively small chest up)
Friday Arms
Saturday Deadlifts and Traps.