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Changing Pictures on Articles?


Not sure if it's possible, I know years ago T-Nation use to update/change them. I'm just tired of seeing the same 3 guys on almost every article, almost naked.
At least put up some Frank Zane, or some older legends.

If that doesn't happen, is there anyway to remove those pictures? I've been reading some of the articles from the earlier years and like I said, Tired of seeing the same old naked people.




Are you reading the articles for the pics? I dont even notice the pics, I read it for the info.


I stopped reading the articles a while ago, not many interest me and the layout doesn't draw my eye to it much, just sayin


I only read Atomic Dog anyway...and his pics usually fit.

Why would the guy posing bother you? He doesn't even like you.


Isnt there porn sites to spank it to?


Oh god.... Really? This seriously bothers you?


So you're tired of seeing the same old naked people, but you want to see pictures of people you've been seeing for 4+ decades?


Oh so you're saying the latest horizontal banner advertisement for Brain Candy where the latest Article picture should intuitively go, despite the presence of an identical vertial banner advertisement for Brain Candy just 2 inches to the right on the screen, doesn't draw your attention to the articles? Weird.


I'm just tired of them blowing Biotest smoke up my ass every 5 seconds.



Personally, I think it's kind of annoying that almost all the pics are of the Boot Camp.


Didn't they change the pics to "more realistic" looking trainers because readers were complaining about seeing mass monsters every article? lol


same here, along with what VTBalla said


It doesn't really bother me but it seems odd that when you look at old articles you end up seeing the same three photos over and over again.


Just remember its the Biotest smoke that pays for these forums.

The pics were prob taken by Biotest staff or contractors. They prob own the pictures so it could be copyright issues.(VS using copyrighted pics)


First world problems are the worst


How would you know? You live in CANADA


Canada isn't a first world country? Is this what your trying to claim?


Gee, I like the pictures. Maybe that's just today.


^^ This x10.

Know what else "Repartitions fat into muscle" ? Working your ass off.