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Changing/New Programs?

I have been doing Thibadeau’s Best Damn Workouts for quite a while now (2 years or so) and am looking for a new program. I like 45-60 min sessions and at least 4-5 days per week. I am curious if anyone has any recommendations. I am pretty much always cutting (although I am not very good at it and I usually end up slow bulking anyway), so as far as goals go, there is that. I realize that you can cut on any program, but I am just looking for a change-up.

I will check it out. Is it on this website or just google it?

Just pace yourself according to ability and recovery. I do a little less percentages.

Thank you. I am going to start this on Monday. I am not that worried about the weight being too much since I only have 365lbs in weights in my garage (I normally work out at a gym), but I think if I start now, hopefully the gyms will be open by the time I out train my weights. My only issue is squats since I go from the ground up, heavy is a problem and awkward to get in position. That and I am a little worried about dead lifting daily with my back, but I am going to give it a shot.