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Changing My Workout Program

Ive been lurking here for a while now, and this is really the only place i could think of to get some good advice. Basically I need some good workout splits/advice to get bigger and build muscle. Ive been training 2 years,18 yrs old, weigh 85 kg(187 lb) at 180 cm (5´9) and im guessing around 10% bf.

estimated 1RM are
bench 260 lb
squat 270 lb, and i havent done a single deadlift in my life (SHAME) looking forward to change that

right now im doing:
day A) chest back bicep abs
day B) legs shoulders tricep
then one-2 days off as needed
i do 2 exercises per muscle, 3 sets of 8 reps, i was told by one of the coaches that any more would be counterproductive(?)

So any advice/help is appreciated, what your training looks like (split, number of ex/sets/reps per muscle), and if someone can link me to helpful articles (search function did not help much) thats good too

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thanks for the reply
still not sure how to split to 4 days exactly? where do the off days go?
if i do:
chest tri
back bi
shoulders abs
is that any good? where do the off days go?
do deadlifts go on leg or on back day?

another question: in the second article, CT writes “most peoples need to stimulate each muscle group twice in a 6-8 days period for optimal results.” that means 4-6 days between one workout of the same muscle and the next. how many different exercises/sets would you typically do per muscle if you have that long to recover?