Changing my Protocol - Need Pointers

I am changing my weekly protocol to

HCG 2.5 IU 2x per week

100MG T Cyp 2x per week total (200mg)

HGH (nipertropin) 2.5 IU EOD

I can add arimedex if need be but I have no sides as of yet so figured why incur the expense

E last checked at 28 T was 484

My last protocal was just HCG and 100mg T cyp weekly. Im bumping it up becuase I want to baeline around 1000 and adding HGH for recovery needs

This is not a chat room. You are not asking any questions and are opening up another thread that is disconnected from the context of prior work and labs. Do you have a learning disability?

No but my lab post was ages ago so I figured a new post was tw2go… I’ll post it in their no need to be harsh we are all just trying to help each other.