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Changing My Name


I am debating legally changing my name to that of my stepfather who raised me, and thus share the same name with my half-brothers.

Long story short, I've never known my biological father, and the little interaction I've had has been negative. I am happy with this. He managed to fuck up my older brother in the brief time he was around. To sum up: biodad is currently spending his life, without the possibility of parole, in Huntsville prison, supermax-style for multiple murders, drugs, organized criminal activity and generally being a real P.O.S. My main interaction is him sending letters trying to work some sort of scam, wheedle his way into my life, or to fill his account.

It's a generic Anglo name, to boot, while my step-father's name is an Apache name, and I was born and raised on (and live next to) the reservation.

Somewhat complex, in that my wife would also have to change her name, as would our children and our adoptive children (biological kids of my deceased older brother, same POS dad).

I also live in a very small town and have a name widely known in my industry, so it would take a while to take effect, and probably not matter to those who actually know me. I regret not doing it when I was 18.

Is this stupid?


Not at all, and I'm sure it would mean a lot to your stepfather and half-brothers.

You should also consider changing your middle name to Thundercock.


are there other middle names besides this? Huh .. learn something new everyday


You should totally fucking do this.


No, not stupid at all. How does your wife feel about it?



Actually my middle name is my mom's maiden name, and it's cool "Whitehorse"


Not thrilled. Her maiden name is a very ethnically Jewish name that immediately pegged her as Jewish. She kind of likes a generic Anglo name. Also she just finished getting all her licenses and crap changed.

Not to mention changing her Apple ID. That was a bitch. Worse than her passport.


I totally should have fucking done this when I was 17. Now, it is more complex.


I don't think it's stupid, but it seems your decision is emotionally based, and not really practical.

I understand the sentiment, but it seems you're doing it to offset some indignation you're holding onto. The inconvenience you'd be causing yourself and those close to you doesn't seem worth it when you consider that your actions today won't make the past disappear.
Nothing you do now will make it go away until you decide to let it go. Facing the spirit of the situation head-on, owning it, then letting it go will have a far longer effect in your healing process than any tangible and symbolic actions would.

Can you not just move forward and leave it all behind?

I'm being sincere, not flaming.


If it was me, as long as my wife was onboard and I thought the change would cause very little interruption in my life & business(s) then I’d probably go for it. As long as it doesn’t interrupt your life then it’s really just some paperwork.

You’ll blow the VAs mind…


I read it as more of a way to honor the man that raised him more than to spite his biological father.


I don't see it as being stupid at all. USMC nailed it.


Which is another issue, apparently the DD-214 cannot be changed, nor my commendations, not that any of them are relevant to my life.


May I suggest an alternative name? Max Power.

Seriously though, it's not stupid and I would do it if it isn't an insane pain in the ass.



It's done. My FIL (lawyer) thought it was a good idea, actually, and volunteered to do the whole family. Pretty simple. Waiting on new passports, etc.

Call me Max Thundercock Power.


If oil industry er peters out, you already have your porn name in place.


Max Clubber Lang, you pity da foo'.


I would do it if i was you Ruffie - your name is you and becomes you, and is a representative to the world who you are.

my $0.02~