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Changing My Life For The Better...(Need Advice & Ideas)

…I had for the longest time did nothing about the weight problem that plagued me throughout most of my young life. Starting now in my adult life I have completely changed me eating habits, no longer do I put sugars or large amounts of calories into my body and poison it. Yet, after dropping from 370 lbs. to 310 lbs. I have kinda hit a stall.

Mind you I have yet to start strength conditioning with weights and had managed the 60 lb. drop with regular cardio and healthy diet…

…I have a personal cage at my disposal for the next year, provided by roommates that I live with. Yet, I am not sure how to go about dropping off the plateau and into athletic training that will not only tighten my body, but increase the physical look of it. At this point I have been stuck for 3 months without gaining or losing anymore.

Pointers, tips, advice and maybe even a mentor to help guide me into a healthier lifestyle then just cardio and eating right would be appreciated…

…Thanks for those of you who take the time to read this and help me out…

Post your diet.
Post upir current training regimen.
Post any health issues relevant to lifting (diabetes, high blood pressure, broken leg, etc.) that you have.


I eat between 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

1)Egg White Spinach Omelette-Bowl of Fiber One with Skim Milk
2)Orange Juice-Turkey Sausage-Two Slices of Double Fiber Wheat Bread with zero calorie butter spray.
3)Glass of Skim-Eggy in a Basket-Fruit Slices


I eat between 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

1)Peppered Turkey On Double Fiber with Lettuce-Pomergrante Blueberry Juice-Fruit Slices

2)Black Forest Ham on Double Fiber with cheese-Diet Pepsi Max or Coke Zero-Fruit Slices


I eat between 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

  1. Turkey Burgers with Lettuce-Two bottles of Water-Jell-O Fat-free/Sugar-free

  2. Wheat Noodles-Organic Pasta Sauce-Two bottles of Water-85% Dark Chocolate

  3. Lean New York Strip-assorted vegetables-Guinness or Heineken or Killian’s Irish Red (just cant have a steak without beer)

  4. Boneless Skinless chicken breasts or tenders-assorted veggies-Diet Max or Coke zero


Periodically during down times. Not everyday though.

Dark Chocolate-String Mozzarella Cheese low-fat made with skim-Jell-o Pudding cups Fat-free/Sugar-free.

Water intake is about 8-10 bottles a day. (piss like a horse)


3 hrs. of Cardio daily

I am looking for maybe a good starting point to go from here, I am looking for more of an athletic workout, to better drop the pounds while toning up. Any help is appreciated.

I’m gonna guess at what you’re eating:
Breakfast: 300 kcal, 15g protein
Lunch: 600 kcal, 40g protein
Dinner: 700 kcal, 50g protein
Snacks: 400kcal, 4g protein. Sometimes.

And your training regimen consists of 3 hours of cardio.


Really? 3 hours? How do you DO that? Doesn’t it get… boring? Hell, don’t they kick you off the machines after 30 minutes?

Well… I’m not really sure what you were expecting, but here goes. I’m going to shamelessly quote someone else:

[quote] Dan John wrote:
My universal short list for all dieting advice: 1. Eat protein at every meal. 2. Eat fiber at every meal. 3. Take fish oil capsules. 4. Drink a lot of water. 5. Never miss breakfast. Yep, beginner stuff. But which of the rules do you break every day? Take a few honest weeks of following the basics of diet and you might be amazed at your results.[/quote]

As far as a workout… honestly man, just about anything is better than what you’re currently doing. But rather than give you some links to an article or a cookie cutter program given to every beginner on this site, could you first define for me what a [quote] more of an athletic workout[/quote] entails? Do you want to run faster? Jump higher? Run longer? Powerlift? Olympic lift? Look athletic? I realize this may be splitting hairs, but athletes come in many shapes and sizes and I don’t want to send you to the wrong place.

Read this:
It’s Vroom’s stickie at the top of the beginner’s forum. It has a bunch of nutrition and training articles indexed, and a bunch of basic information presented.

Read the article, read through the articles indexed, and you should have a much better idea of both
a) what your goals are and
b) how to go about acheiving them.

your nutrition is kinda… weird? you have lots of 0% fat or 0 calories stuff. im not even sure if tehy affect your weight loss but i’d avoid them alltogether.

what you should be eating
for carbs: veggies, fruits, whole wheat pasta/rice… or bread but better off with pasta or rice. dont drink milk either unless you want it for your bones or something? also dont be afraid of getting some carbs from the nuts which ill talk about later.

fats: olive oil, flax oil/fish oil/whatever gets you omega-3 acids anyway, fat from meat, and some kind of dry nuts… peanuts are best and cheapest.

protein: whatever is least processed. meat, eggs, fish, cottage cheese. dont be too afraid of the fats they may have but try to get leaner meaats with less fat if you stall again

lots of water