Changing My Injection Day

Hi All,

I have just started trt. I am currently on 180mg per week and have had two injections. My doctor has started me on one injection per week

My first two injections were on a Monday but I want to move to Saturdays.

What’s the best way to do this. Should I just do a 5 day dose 130 mg (180/7*6) next time round. Should I adjust my dose to a 6 day 155mg dose for the next 2 weeks. Should I just inject the full 180mg 12 hours earlier for the next 4 weeks.

Also from reading I am probably going to switch to 2 injections per week as I have low SHBG but I want to check my first round of bloods as I would prefer once a week if I dont have side effects.

You need to chose something and stick with it for at least 6 weeks, if you change something about your protocol, levels will become unstable and you will go back to feeling the way you did before starting TRT.

I could recommend a protocol if I knew all pre-TRT labs including Total T, Free T, SHBG and estrogen levels.

Low SHBG men do not do well on infrequent large doses of Test, so SHBG is an important biomarker. If estrogen was high and Total T low pre-TRT, these once/twice weekly protocols are not likely to work out for you.

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These are the initial numbers from my GP. I have since had more complete blood work done by my TRT doctor. Those have more details on things like LH and E2. I only have a paper copy of those and I am traveling for the next week so can only load those when I get home but all others were in the normal range. Going from memory E2 was in the low normal range.

So if I change from once a week to two per week. It’s going to basically be lime starting try again?

Should I change up now then or is it worth holding off until I get my first round of blood work done?

What’s the best way to shift days I do the injections?

You have low SHBG and TRT will decrease it even more, daily injections is recommended. When I started TRT SHBG was 28 and 4 weeks into TRT decreased to 16 on twice weekly dosing, daily protocol increased it to 22.

The problem with low SHBG is the exogenous T doesn’t have a lot of places to bind since SHBG is low, so basically you are excreting the exogenous T into the toilet within 1-2 days and levels are declining quickly, this is why you need very frequent dosing.

Also low SHBG men tend to metabolize exogenous T quickly, another reason you want very frequent dosing. You should be using 27-29 gauge insulin syringes and inject in the shoulders and quads to minimize muscle tissue damage.

I don’t expect twice weekly dosing to show good results do to your low SHBG, in fact I expect a hormonal roller coaster of highs and lows. I would recommend 12mg daily to start out. Most men are closer to 100-140mg weekly.

Your TRT doctor seems very new to all of this TRT stuff, once weekly dosing for a low SHBG guy is far from acceptable. It tells me he doesn’t understand things very well, very common.

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My doctor seems pretty knowledgeable and isn’t new to this but he does have a somewhat different approach to this forum.

I did bring up more frequent injections with him when we discussed my protocol and he said that I could do it but a lot of his patients are fine on weekly so if it does work for for me it’s better in the long run to be injecting less frequently. He was pretty clear that this is a process that will take a few months to get right. He recommended weekly but said it was up to me. I chose weekly because I was travelling for 3 weeks and figured it was easier.

I am currently using 26g insulin needles Sub Q.

Based on what you recommend I will switch to twice a week until my first follow up appointment. Then based on bloods I’ll see if I think a change would help.

I appreciate the advice but it may take me a little time to get used to the idea of a daily injections.

It’s not just this forum, you’ll find more frequent injection recommendations on other forums as well.

Excel male is going to go heavy on more frequent dosing when appropriate. TRT isn’t just about replacing testosterone, it’s about optimizing your health, so choosing the less optimal choice doesn’t make sense to the guy looking to feel his best.

By choosing the least optimal choice, you have in fact chosen to feel mediocre and are sacrificing the way you will feel on TRT. You have chosen the least optimal choice and will just have to go through the growing pains and discover for yourself.

I did the exact same thing and wasted years on protocols that were not good, when I finely tried a daily protocol, holey crap did I feel amazing!

I got more anabolic action on a daily protocol, there was less anabolic action on an EOD protocol and even less on a twice weekly protocol because levels were still swinging which is do to low SHBG.

Please go easy on me. I’ve just started this. You expect me to switch my doctor’s protocol based on a few internet posts. You are probably right but give me a bit of time to get there.

I am far from choosing the worst option. I have made a choice and kinda need to see it through a bit. I need a little help getting from where I am to where you think I need to be and I would feel a lot more comfortable doing it conservatively. I do really appreciate the advice.

To clear a few things up, I made the decision to go weekly for practical reasons (because I’m traveling) and I didn’t think it would matter much because you don’t get the effects for the first few weeks anyway. I didn’t know that making changes to dosage and frequency effectively took several weeks to take effect if I could go back if do it differently.

Now I am 2 weeks in with 2 180mg injections and 2 weeks away from my first follow up appointment. I don’t have enough syringes to switch to anything more then twice a week until probably late next week.

So my choices are

  1. stick with weekly injections until my first follow up at week 4.
  2. switch to twice a week now and either do that till my follow up.
  3. choose 1 or 2 above, don’t have the 4 week follow up. Switch to daily when I get home and can get a new supply and wait until that takes effect until I get my first follow up.

3 really doesn’t feel like the best option. I feel way more comfortable with 1 or 2 and waiting for my first follow up to discuss with my doctor even if that means I am a month or two behind getting to an ideal protocol.

Is there a reason you recommend IM over Sub Q for the daily injections?

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Just take the next shot Saturday (today where I am). Easy. Two days won’t make a difference, at least no negative. Then wait it out. It won’t mean you totally restart anything, think of it as a bit of a front-load to get you up to level a little quicker. And relax. Don’t overthink it.

IM is guaranteed to work for everyone when dosed appropriately, with SQ there are no guarantees and I want to see you back here soon telling us you feel amazing. Normally we see men struggle do to reasons you mention (just starting out, unsure) and want a different outcome for a change.

In my opinion SQ should be reserved for those who are dialed in and want to take the SQ plunge and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be, but starting TRT for the first time you want to see results early on so you don’t end up quitting before you’ve had a chance to taste success on TRT.

Maybe I have a bias, maybe not, but a daily protocol was like a step-latter getting better everyday and every protocol before it was a hormonal roller coaster of ups and downs and the cause is because of low SHBG.

You can get 29 gauge insulin syringes delivered to your door is a matter of days. If you want to continue on your current course and change things up after your blood work and think it all through, that’s more than reasonable.

Do not rush into it because some guy on a forums says to, you have to feel comfortable about doing it first before going forward.

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Just got bloods this week. First ones in months and I’m taking 40mg EOD sub-q. At this dose, looking at these numbers, sub-q seems too be effective.

First time I’ve used a service other than my doctor’s office. If you recall, using my numbers from my doctor’s office, I had low free T. These numbers are quite a bit different than what I see from the doctor, so I’m curious which isn’t correct.

I use 30g 5/16" syringes daily stomach injections. No pain. A couple mins out of my day. There is nothing to get use to

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Hi coolhand, You are way over thinking this. Just make your change on the day you want. If you are injecting T cyp it takes 40 days to reach steady state so a little more or less here or there is nothing. These are hormones not rec drugs they take forever to start working.
IMO twice a weeks is just fine, your SHGB is 27 mine is 29 twice a week is what I do. I’ve tried all the others and they just burned up supplies. I felt no different. Besides,
Not everyone likes to think about this shit or play doctor and give themselves shots every day. Do your twice a week and in 3 months assess how you feel. If things get a little weird along the way go get your T/E2/HCT tested. Monitor your blood pressure. Adjust your dose accordingly. Any of those 3 too high drop your dose. It really is that simple. In time you will find your sweet spot.

To help your HRT clean up your diet and exersize. Best of luck to you.

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Did my dose early this morning (Sunday). I switched it up to twice a week. I get my first bloods at 4 weeks and monitor as I go.

Thanks for the help everyone.