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Changing My GF Views on Lifting


Any tips on changing my GF reviews of lifting, she is stuck in the "if i loft weights ill look like a man" mindset. She was a good D2 college swimmer and after college gained weight do to stress (family illness) and life style changes. She is now working hard to lose weight but i feel she is robbing herself of the benifits of lifting. Her current workout is just alot of medium intensity cardio. Any articles or tips to convinve her of the benifits of lifting?


This one is easier than you think but perhaps should not be done they way you think. It is easier just to change girlfriends. Change your girlfriend to one that already thinks the way you want her to think. Changing a girl's mind is impossible (because their minds are not fully functional or rational).

Plus it sounds like she is a fatty - you don't want fatties. I know you said she was under stress but hey, we all are and you don't see us getting fat. No, the people that get fat are the ones that are too selfish to care about anything more than stuffing their fat faces. A selfish woman is one you don't want. If you end up marrying and having kids she will not want to breast feed and she will beat your children...plus get even fatter.

Get rid of her ASAP.


What you need to do is dump her ass and start dating one of the hotties that DO lift. Then arrange for you to "accidentally" bump into her somewhere with your new girl on your arm, tell her that you met while lifting at the gym, and presto!

Just kidding.

I've been telling my wife to respect the squat for months, but she's still in the steady-state cardio mindset. Once a woman has made up her mind that she's not going to do something, there's nothing in this world that will convince her otherwise. :slight_smile:


Lou Schular and Cassandra Forsythe's book "New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess" is pretty good.

Many females are extremely receptive to conditioning and find they actually enjoy it. Since she is a former athlete, she might like that type of training. Prowler, hill sprints, sledge hammer tires, etc.


Pictures of sexy feminine lifters, duh.


Send some my way, please. I could use some ammo in my battle as well.


See, e.g., the Crossfit thread in SAMA.


or pmpm's avatar



Really, the best argument is her own success. So if you could get her lifting long enough to see a positive result, she'd realize she liked the weights. Do your schedules work so you can go to the gym together? Ask her to give you a month to do as you say, exercise-wise; if she can give you the benefit of the doubt for that long, she'll probably have seen enough progress to want to continue on her own.

There are numerous articles on the Figure Athlete site on why lifting weights is good for women's appearance. Also check out stumptuous.com for a bit of a feminist take on weightlifting.

Ask for permission first, but check out debraD's photos. She's "real" (as in, not a model, has a day job) and a beautiful example.

Tell her: if what you're doing isn't working, TRY SOMETHING ELSE. It's simple logic, but when we're stressed and frightened we often forget it. That may be what she's doing with the obsessive cardio. (I've done it myself.) It's magical thinking. But it's such a relief when you realize you're being irrational, take a leap, and try something new.




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