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Changing My Coaches Lesson. Tips?

In prep for getting my lv 1 coaching course cert my boxing coach is letting me run one of the fitness lessons that he does. He said that if i have any changes and they can be jusitified to be better then what he does now he will Add that in or change the routine.

Currently it goes something like this:
6x 2 min rounds of skipping with a 15 sec burst at the end
4x 2 min rounds of med ball throws and passes
1x 2 min round of situps gettign the ball thrown at ur fat gut haha
now this is what really gripes me
3 or 4 x 2 min rounds of running through hoops n hurdles while holding light weights.
5 or 6 rounds of padwork that is mostly 30 punches! PUSHUPS 20 punches PUSHUPS kind of thing

Now what i propose is move half the pad work to the start of the lesson, Make it more technical in nature and get em when their fresh. Sure its a fitness class but form the fitness class usually comes the dedicated boxers who wanna do more if they have a good knowledge of basic technique.

He wont let me take out the " endurance punching " just yet so this will stay at the end where it doesnt matter about form so much.
I also think i will change the running with weights into a 10 minuit full body circuit consisting of sprints, Duck walks , tuck jumps , Pushups and Burpees.
What do u guys think.

It’s a fitness class? Or are you training fighters?

Dude, the rounds of padwork at the end seems like the best part of the program. If you were running a technical boxing class you might have a point. Except, that even in a technical class sets of burnout padwork at the end is great training.

The hoops and hurdles, if I understand correctly sounds a little weird. Do you guys do the same workout every week?

Nothing beats sparring in my experience.

Do you guys ever do footwork skills?