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Changing my Calories


hey guys clean bulking at the moment on 3700cals, im 91kg(10%bf), 6ft. was wondering when u guys re-evaluate your calorie amounts? a month? wondering how long till you judge if this amount of calories is enough or not?

i consume this level each day manipulating macros on and off days and including an extra meal on cardio days. my plan was to eat this amount for 4 wks then judge fat levels/ strength levels and muscle gains and go from there is this the right idea???


If I'm trying to gain weight, I will usually evaluate on a weekly or every other week basis. I tend to increase in very small increments as I feel necessary.


Not to hi-jack the thread, but how did you come up with that number of cals?

I've seen so many different methods for calculating - just confused.


1 week