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Changing HP Mass Lift: Back/Front Squat


I want to switch my first leg pressing exercise from the back to the front squat, I am more explosive with it. Can I continue where I'm at using my 3rm x .8 in the middle of week 2 or would I have to start over with 1 wave? Obviously I'll use my front squat weight not my back squat weight.


if back squats lack explosivenes then it's the prfect reason to use them for this i'd think


dont know 4 sure... but i think CT said that the more efficient you are with the lift the more mass it will build cause the body's first gains are neural, and more efficient you are the less neural adaptions likely to occure, so body is forced to make structural changes... and it has sense...

so i would go with the exercise i'm most efficient with, unless your goal is to improve a lift and not muscular size...


I want size, thanks for that explanation it makes sense.