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Changing Goals, Need Help. Analysis Paralysis


Hi All, trust everyone is well?

Background: Fat dude that is tired of being so. Two weeks till the end of 1st 6 week cycle of PSMF, managed to lose 7 Kg’s and 6% BF (rough estimates as measured by neck belly and thighs. (109Kg - 102Kg / 35% - 29%: 178cm tall: 44yo) Fitness…meh, not so good, pulse is around 72 and BP is 125/82. Mostly sedentary at the moment

So, in the past I have lifted 5/3/1 whilst I made progress in strength and what I thought was size, I got fed up with being pudgy so I started to diet. Did well enough I suppose.

I have set my sights on rather going for the lean strong look as I have never really been lean in my life, so before I start my 2nd PSMF cycle, I was hoping to start doing some exercise, and this is where I am conflicted.

Even though I am in between PSMF cycles, I hope to still eat under maintenance and clean.

I was also hoping to incorporate sprinting, Tabatha and complexes as my exercise modalities. Targeting toning, metabolic fitness and hopefully more fat-loss.

And that is where my wheels come off :joy:

I would like to know, how often can I sprint, how often can I do complexes, how often can I do Tabatha and can I combine the lot, given that I will be eating at under maintenance.

To date I have found the following:

  1. Sprinting: I have seen opinions from 6 times per week to 2 times per week and every day in between, hence my confusion. For me, given my age, early morning sprinting is my 1st choice exercise, so I would like to build everything around that. (To improve gait…)

  2. Complexes: As above, I have seen programs from 6 times a week to 2 times per week. I was feeling 3 times per week in the evening if I was going to do sprinting as well?

  3. Tabatha: Again, as above, but I was thinking that I could perhaps do that 3 times a week in the evenings between the days that complexes were done.

I would really like to do everything, everyday but I realise that this is not realistic, so, I ask with hat in hand, if I could receive some honest guidance from the T-Nation community.