Changing from Sustanon to Enanthate

My current protocol is 87.5mg Sustanon twice a week with 0.3mg Arimidex with injection.

For cost reasons my new protocol will be 87.5mg Enanthate twice a week with 0.3mg Arimidex with injection.

So my dosage will remain the same, does anyone think my levels will change with me changing esters?

Just for added information, my next blood test is scheduled for 6 weeks after changing esters. Is that too long, should I get a test done 4 weeks after?

Most of our members are US bound and do not use sustanon, with that said it will be hard to draw a comparison to the esters and determine what your levels may be. It would be pure guesswork.

It takes 6 weeks for levels to stabilize, 4 weeks is too early as levels aren’t stable yet. Enanthate dropped my levels considerably compared to cypionate, I was bloated badly on enanthate which is uncommon. The bloated did subside after 6 weeks.

Thanks for the feedback.

Most guys see no difference, but some prefer one over the other which may be due to the carrier oils used. Usually, if there is a preference it is for enanthate. At one time it was more difficult to get and I think some equate that to “better”.

I can almost guarantee a change in your numbers. And how you feel. I am not a fan of split dosing with Sustanon at all, it defeats the purpose of using it and as far as I am concerned gives you less bang for your buck. Your T level should climb on the enanthate, not a lot but it should be higher. You will also likely raise your E2. I assume that you are using the AI because you are aromatizing. I aromatize less on Sustanon but also have a lower total test level. You will find the dosing easier to dial in on E.

Thanks mate, very informative. Yes I aromatize, without the AI I’m slightly out of range high, I feel good on the AI.