Changing from High Volume to Low Volume Program


I’m currently doing Nsuns program. Which is a very high volume, considerably high intensity program. I gained a lot of strength and some size. But joints begin to hurt and I overloaded my lower back. It has 17 working sets for the t1 and t2 lifts each day.

Would I loose strength if say I’m gonna do a lower volume program, like candito strength program? Most weeks only feature 10 working sets total for the squat and deadlift. Which is like 3 times less then my current program.

I basically ask if when I trained with much volume, perhaps to much for the past year… If I will still make gains on a lower volume schedule.


If you did Too Much, and gained some, imagine how much you’ll gain when you get it Just Right.

Go read Mike Israetel’s facebook posts on training volume and recovery. There are youtube videos as well, some with Chad Wesley Smith, plus he wrote several books on this. It’s a question of how much volume you need to make progress and how much you can recover from.

I don’t have any help for the questions you asked, just be careful with food intake going from high volume to low volume. It’s all too easy to let oneself balloon up from eating the same amount of food.

never heard of it, did a google -from what i can see nSun is just some kid bastardising 5/3/1 to make money from an App

Just do a proper Wendler template off this site, even better purchase one of his books

Find an established program. Follow for AT LEAST A YEAR. Then evaluate and tweak as necessary.

I have no idea what Nsuns is or how long you followed it.

But, a good rule of thumb for all training:

Optimal is doing the least amount of work and expending the least amount of energy while utilizing the least amount of time and still getting some kind of desirable training result. These trends of super high volume and super high frequency programs drives me nuts because almost no one can answer why they are even doing them in the first place. More is only better when less doesn’t work anymore. And less works for a really really long time.


Thx, great and logical answer. I just like long training sessions and feeling completely depleted after my training. But it’s taking its toll. Especially lower back and left triceps.

This needs to be stickied on the first page of every sub forum on every fitness forum. Hamburger spitting that truth