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Changing From Bodybuilding to Hardcore Mass Gaining

I'm just finishing up Thibadeau's Pendulum Body Building program.  And before that it was one of his program's involving 5x5 training, which I can't seem to remember the name of.  Regardless, I've experienced tremendous results that far exceed other programs.  I tried TTT, and the Waterbury method, and some others but my gains didn't seem to be that great, unfortunately.  But with winter fast approaching, I'm looking for a new program to assist in my goal for adding some serious mass.

 I've been upping my nutrition in small increments for sometime, and now I'm ready to really transform.  What's a good winter program to use to really stack on some serious mass.  I just turned 20 and I'm a solid 195 looking to eventually hit 210, and someday the big 215.  I realize this takes time and dedication, along with proper nutrition.  I'm going to keep a food log once I start el new mass program.  So let's hear it guys...

p.s. my chest has been lagging for sometime now...


I'm glad you have made progress using those programs...however, how much did you actually learn about yourself in the proocess? You asked which program to use. What do you think would happen if you simply took what you have learned and acted on it? Serious question, why do you NEED a specific program to follow?


Hmm, since you found something that worked for you, why not do something based on that... unless or until it stops working?


Considering you have found success with CT's work, take a look at his emphasis rotation program.

Also, you may consider going back at Pendulum Bodybuilding again. It is a solid program - just change up your exercises. Gaining mass is a lot about what you eat and how much you eat - most of the programs on this site will work well with a solid nutritional base.