Changing Focus, Need Suggestions.

I need some help finding a new form of exercise(maybe a sport) to compliment my scaled down weightlifting. It sounds strange but the main reason I cut way down on lifting is I can’t stand the amount of sleep involved to build muscle. I like having the extra 4-5 hours in a day. I would like something that involves more endurance and a leaner body. I have nixed running because I detest it. Biking is probably out of the question also. Any and all suggestions would be helpful. Thanx in advance.

Martial Arts

How about roller blading, since running is out of the question “BladeRunner”?

tee hee

Take up a martial art. I recommend that one where they beat each other with sticks. There’s also an organization out there that makes medivel armor and hits each other with bamboo and fibreglass weapons in grand melees.

Karate is a killer, but you have to do it every day.

Swimming is an option, but make sure to go there in the late afternoon-early evening because that’s usually when all the hot girls are there.

Basketball - You can find a game pretty much anytime. Lot’s of running, competition and teamwork. Basketball is a great sport.

Weather dependent, roller blading is great, road and mtn biking all take a large load off the joint impact and can be fun when you have some else to ride with.

Non weather dependent, Spinning, Power yoga, Karate, make sure you check the place and teachers out first, EFX and the slide, originally designed for speed skaters in Norway back in the 80’s. The draw backs for all the in house stuff, being if you stick to just one of the above, you are going to get bored, so mix it up every week. The only exception for indoor besides basket ball, is to find a climbing wall. Many of the health clubs have them and if you are looking for a great workout with excitement and challenge, there is nothing like a well designed climbing wall.

Great Suggestions. Thanx Everyone.

how much sleep were you getting a day. You mentioned an extra 4-5 hours. What you sleep 6 hours now and used to sleep 10 while lifting. Did you ever reach your muscular goals while training. You said you want a lean body, did you not work for that goal while you were training? laters pk

I fail to see how taking up a martial art will decrease the amount of sleep one needs. Martial arts training can be equal to if not more demanding than weight training. Unless you are going to some cheesy black belt factory, then good luck.

boxing or Hapkido/Taekwondo

I’d look around your town/city, check out the local papers to see if there is anything going on that interests you that way your sure to get into something that is well supported and easily available.

Rock climbing. Great stuff.

basketball is the shit although i am lookin into doin BJJ next year.


Ko, i disagree. I go to a brazilian ju jitsu club at my college twice a week,and I roll many times there with peoepl at the club,I’m their for two hours usally. It does not take anywhere near a toll that weightlfitng takes on the body. I’m alot more sore after weightlfitng then,rolling with oppnents

well…try the batting cages…just get into the softball cage and keep swinging hard…damn that makes me tired espcially after my 3rd/4th “coin”…usually…i look for those coupons in which you can get “8 tokens for the price of 5” etc etc…