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Changing Exercises and Weight

was wondering if you ever changed exercises for awhile, ex. 4 weeks or so, then went back to that original exercise, is there a certain weight percentage of where you left at that you start back on it again?

Good question, and there are many answers. As a beginner, you can get away with fewer changes to exercises and even sets/reps.

As you become more advanced with training (years training), then you need to change exercises and/or sets/reps more frequently.

I typically change things every 2-4 weeks. I don’t change my exercises that often (sometimes I do) because I train at home and have a basic set up (power rack, olympic bar, flat bench). But I do make subtle changes to the exercises that help make them different. A slight change in your grip (medium, close, wide, etc.) can make enough of a change in a particular exercise to continue making gains.

I’d suggest following some of the programs on T-Nation and making changes according to the program, or by switching programs every 4-6 weeks or so. Hope that helps.

I agree with nate… pick a good structered program and follow the guidelines if you are a real beganer

as far as picking weight when switching exercises I personally use guidelines similier to west side training working up to a 3rm every time I start a new lift. (I’m still relativly new and switch my main movements about every 4 weeks)

Thanks for the info guys, it helps. Say you were doing dumbell curls with 60 pds, and then did 4 weeks of barbell curls. Then went back to dumbell curls 4 weeks later, would you start back at 60 pds or would you do a percentage of your 1rm?