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Changing Exercise Monthly or Weekly?

sometimes i stick with a series of excersizes for a month, then change it…would changing it every week be a better alternative? i get tired of doing the same work out 4 times in a row…need some advice!

you can switch up your routine as often as you want but it’s best to keep at least one exercise per session consistent. That way you know that so long as that one exercise you are doing is improving, then all the other shit has benefit.

If you constantly change everything it’s much harder to quantify progress.


i;m like you and hate doing the same stuff over and over. the thing that i always concentate on is progression. if you change it up every week, remember what you lifted for that certain exercise last time and progress from there. switch it up from week to week for a while. then go with the same routine for a month or two. thats my two cents on that

Haven’t changed my exercises for years.
I would say to just add more variety, tempo, intensity, reps, sets, daily/weekly volume, static holds, switch to unilateral.
It’s like eating a ribeye. You don’t change to sirloin and swear it’s better. You try a different salt, cook it over a grill/pan/fire, French butter, aged, etc chew it slow, try it with chutney, sweet potatoes…
Maybe not the best analogy… Just hungry atm

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i rotate 4 different sessions consisting on stuff i work on for the long run, but i usually have a short term joker exercise i stick with for a month or two only to make it interesting