Changing body comp while maintaining weight?

Okay, here’s a question I haven’t seen addressed before. Everyone knows that you have to eat more to gain LBM and eat less to lose fat. Fine. Everyone also knows that adding a little something “special” (methoxy, Androsol, etc.) to the mix will yield better results. Also fine. So if this is the case, why doesn’t adding that special something make much (if any) difference when one is maintaining bodyweight? It seems logical that if one were keeping good track of cals and working out consistently, adding something would promote fat loss/LBM gains. But in reality, it seems that one has to be in flux, weight-wise, before anything happens. Anyone have any thoughts on why this is?

from personal experience I think you can do both, but it may take a little more than methoxy. I used finasol for 3 weeks, and maintained the exact same body weight, but continued to get leaner, which meant I was adding muscle. to be honest my diet wasnt all that great, there were many days my calories fell short, and my sleep patterns were horrible, I would sometimes get 4 hours sleep. but the finasol seemed to make the difference. so it is possible to do both, but I think steroids are going to be the major factor, unles diet is perfect, and so are the other variables, such as sleep, etc.

I think you “can” gain lean mass while on a maintenance diet by
adding that “special something.” The problem is it’s such a
slow process that you won’t realize anything took place until you
consult your training records 6 months later.

You can. I believe that that is how supplements are tested, or at least part of the process. Actually, that is also a good way of scheduling your workouts. I don’t know why I don’t see anyone refer to maintenance training, with the exception of Bill Roberts and a point Chris Shugart alluded to in an earlier post. It would make sense that there are transition periods. It’s not always cutting or gaining. Like keto diets. I know that some people will jump on them in a heartbeat to lose fat (me included), but then pig out like crazy (not me). It’s like you use a low carb diet to kick your metabolism in the ass, to get it moving, and then carb to all hell, kicking your metabolism in the nuts, which, like a man, will just slump over and not perform. Sorry, I rambled. Yes, you can use supplements on a maintenance diet and gain.