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Changing around my workout

I am 15 years old, and have been training for a few months now, I’ve been using the skinny bastard diet that I have read in T-mag and it is great, I’m also on creatine. I’ve made GREAT gains but I want to change my workout around to shock the muscle.

My workout is something like this:
Day 1
Bench Press 10x 8x 6x
Incline Bench Press 10x 8x 6x
Incline Chest Fly 10x 8x 6x
Sholder Press 10x 8x
Shrugs 10x 8x

Day 2

Day 3
Curls 10x 8x 6x
Tricep Pull downs 10x 8x 6x
Forearm curls

Day 4

Day 5
Cardio (running)
Squats 10x 8x 6x
Leg Curls 10x 8x 6x

I add 5 pounds on to each set I do in every excersize

How does this workout sound? Is there anything I should change around? Please help!

Thanks in advance

First of all there arent any rowing exercices on your workout, there are a few articles on t-mg about this, it is an important issue, you should dedicate as much time to your back as you do to your chest( probably more if you count with lower back and traps).
Second, unless your arms are your weaker body part i think back should come first on day number two.
Third, it seems you’re not doing enough exercices to your legs.
How long have you been doing this workout? When was the last time you changed exercices and reps??

Looks pretty light on legs. Also, you should include some rowing movements for your back. Some direct calf and ab work would be a good idea as well. Do a search for the Beginner’s Blast-Off Program. Also, some movements that you should definitely include: deadlifts, dips, close grip benches, power cleans, etc., etc. In other words, read all of the previous issues of this magazine and LEARN.