Changes to Massive Eating..

I’m getting in 265g of carbs four times a day, 55g protein seven times a day, and 100g of fat three times a day.

My question: Would it make a difference if i knocked some protein out of my carb meals and added it in w/the fat meals? This way it would be like 35g of protein in each carb meal and 75g of protein in each fat meal.

Kurt, yes, you could do that, but protein is more efficiently utilized for protein synthesis and repair in smaller amounts, more frequent meals.

You’re getting what, 385g of protein per day? It would be better if you were eating every 2 hours, 9 meals @ 40+ grams per meal.

Any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

That sounds good.

However, if I ate 9 times a day (or every 2 hours), that means I would have to be up 18 hours per day, leaving me with maybe 6 hours of sleep. Don’t you think that defeats the purpose of eating nine times a day as opposed to 7? I can understand if it’s 8 times a day and one in the middle of the night. Then i would only have to be up for 16 hours.

Anyway, here is what my program will look like with your recommendations:

  1. 205g carbs + 41g protein
  2. 25g fat + 41g protein
  3. 205g carbs + 41g protein
  4. (post-workout) 80g carbs + 40g prtn
  5. 205g cars + 41g protein
  6. 25g fat + 41g protein
  7. 205g carbs + 41g protein
  8. 25g fat + 41g protein
  9. (3:00am(when I usually wake up and have to piss)) 25g fat + 41g protein

Instead of going 7 times a day, with just 4 carb meals and 3 fat meals, I’m going 9 times a day with an added carb and added fat meal. How is that?

if you are alternating P+C with P+F meals i dont see a problem. I agree with TT, and found increasing the meal frequency (say up to 9x time like suggested) made life a bit easier, as opposed to trying to stuff a million cals in my mouth in one sitting.

holy shit i just re-read that post, 8500kcals a day, shit.
Whats your refeed days like?

I pity your toilet

Your math is wrong. Eating 9 times (every two hours) is only 16 hours a day. Meal one would be at the 0 hour (right after waking). By just multiplying the number of meals by the number of hours it implies that you will go two hours after waking up before your first meal.

Just trying to clairify.

You’ve got it! Eight meals and a midnight feeding makes it a lot more do-able. Staying up 18 hours to get all your meals in would be a bit much, yes.

I’m sure you’re working out really, really hard in conjunction with all those carbs and protein you’re taking in. Be sure to track your body fat percentage while you’re bulking, and when the number “gets up there” switch back to a cutting cycle.

The way the protein is divided up looks a lot better. Well done, Kurt!!!

I’m working out really hard right now. I’m on a powerlifting+hypertrophic program. It’s 5x5 on core lifts and 3x8 on supp. stuff.

That brings up a question:

You need to be strong to get big. I know volume training is how you get big, but if you don’t have the strength to lift big weights with big volume, isn’t it pointless? I figure I’ll spend the next few years getting strong before I do volume.

However, I want to see what I look like when I’m cut, so I may do a cut after I reach 220 bodyweight. I doubt I will be above 10%bodyfat by then. I’m at about 8 right now. I was 7 to start with when I was 174. I’m now 204, and that 7% when I was 174 is not positive, just a guess.

What kind of program do I need to do on the cut down? (weight training program)

Can I ask what you are eating to get 200 g of carbs per meal? Thats a shit load of carbs.

Protein shake w/18oz OJ
2 apples
2 bananas
2 pieces of wheat bread

That comes to roughly 205-220g carbs.
It varies. If it’s in the morning I’ll usually have 3 bananas and just one apple. Before a workout it’s usually 3 apples and one banana. Apples give me alot of engery. Maybe it’s in my head.

That’s an aweful lot of fructose my friend. Ye ol’ liver can only take sa much cap’in.

I would doing the following:

  1. Flip-flop meals 2 and 6

2)Cut out the OJ in favor of some yams, oatmeal, or maybe even some brown rice or pasta.

  1. Go with multigrain bread instead of wheat. It’s lower GI, and has a lot more nutrients.

  2. Get that hole in your neck sewn shut.:slight_smile:

I’m curious: Why are you alternating P+F and P+C meals?


I was thinking the same question. But I know why he’s doing it.
I think Alessi in of his articles talked about this type of setup as an alternative. I prefer to eat all my P+C meals in the morning or post w/o.


I think you mean Berardi; Alessi’s carb recommendations are much lower.

Kurt, re cutting, the diet version of Massive Eating is the “Don’t Diet Diet.” I’d go with that one or T-Dawg. Either one should get you good results.

I believe Mr. Berardi stated that the 6 hours leading up to the workout should be P + F and the 6 hours following the workouts should be P + C. Obviously this is just a general rule of thumb since Kurt here seems to be getting more than just 6 meals a day, but perhaps this is what he is doing.

I guess I remembered incorrectly. I thought he said to stagger Pf Pc for bulking, then to go pc preworkout and pf postworkout.There’s no way I can workout w/out getting some carbs in.


Whoops. You’re right I mixed my gurus up. lol


In his Apetite for Construction column, he also outlined a plan staggering P+C and P+F meals throughout the day.

Either way, let kurtdogg keep on doing what he is doing. He obvious tolerated carbs very well, and gains like crazy off of them. I, on the other hand do better with a shit load of protein and fat and majority of carbs coming in post work out

Have any of you guys actually tried the 60/25/15 split? If you haven’t, you should. You never know. I did do the 40/30/30 split and it just didn’t work for me. Point is, you never know unless you give it a try.