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Changes to Make to My Diet for Gains?

I am 27 years old , been working out since 5 years , first 4 years were on and off training
Height - 183 cms
Weight - 180 lbs
Bf - 20%
Program following - legs
Bench press - 200lbs x 2 reps best
Deadlift - 125 lbs X 4 reps

So this is what i eat
I do intermittent fasting and fast from 11pm-1pm the next day
I workout at 7am in the morning fasted with 10gms bcaa and 1 scoop pre workout

First meal at 1pm - 50gms protein from chicken
120gms carbs from rice
And 15-20 gms fats from nuts

Second meal (snack) - 2 scoops whey protein (50gms protein)
48 gms carbs from 4 slices bread
20 gms fat from 3 spoons peanut butter

Dinner is mostly the same as lunch , sometimes may vary the source of carbs

So all that approximates to around 2200-2400 cals with maybe a fruit that i eat sometimes (eat around 2 bananas or 200gms pineapple if i feel very hungry)

Workout as already mentioned is a 4 day split i took off muscle and fitness , with a chest and tricep / back and bicep / shoulder / leg split with reps ranging between 6-10

I have started at 85kgs with a belly , and since six months i am stuck at 83 kgs with no loss or no gain in weight but a visible loss in abdominal fat

I havent had any changes in my weight and i am attaching a snap of mine for you people to assess at what level i am on , and want help from you guys to see what changes i should make to get better

Is this a typo on the deadlift? If you get the technique right on that lift then it’s only passed bodyweight you are actually using any strength to move it.

Either way, I’d say your fats seem to run a bit low, if you want to gain IF isn’t necessarily ideal but not a deal breaker but training “fasted” is always going to work against you.

Are you sedentary? What do you do beyond just lifting?

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I have a hunchback so i dont do squats and dont use a lot of weight on the deadlift for the fear of causing injury to my back due to poor form

I am doctor , so i guess its sedentary , other than walking around in the hospital

And also i work out at 7 am in the morning and wake up at 6 30 am , so idk how i can fit in a pre workout meal

Add some intra-workout carbs then

So i should eat during the workout ?

Drink. Maltodextrine, waxy maize, highly branched cyclic dextrin are some alternatives.

Or wake up earlier, or exercise at another time.

Okay sure , thanks a lot

If there’s a visible loss in abdominal fat you’re not eating enough (for gaining weight, at least). That means you’re at a deficit. Try adding more protein, aim for 1g per pound of your lean bodyweight GOAL.

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I think drop the intermittent fasting if you wanna gain faster. You’re doing it on hard mode.
Eat bigger fo sho. While proteins are good, carbs and fats are convenient calories. When I was 180, I was eating 3000 calories to bulk, and I believe maintenance for me was around 2800-2900. You might want to calculate this for yourself and see where you are.

And definitely fix your form issues and start overloading your deadlifts. Maybe instead of deadlifts off the floor, do RDLs and progressively increase your ROM (get deeper with a flat back over time). And why not add in squats, even if they’re air squats? (Better than nothing), but you can start at a weight thats somewhat reasonable for you.

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Sure thing soul_fighter , i ll do , it , i calculated my calories , thought i ll stick to maintenance for now , and see where i ll go with it
Also started squats , and yet to start deadlifts which i am.planning to do from tomorrow

This video covers your scenario:

Is this a typo?

Nevermind, I read the rest of your post.

I would also switch your second meal to post workout or sometime soon after, especially after training fasted. Then have your rice and chicken a couple hours later. And I didn’t see any mention of veggies. Try getting some spinach, broccoli, asparagus or whatever you like in at least your two solid meals.

Thanks everybody , made some good changes to my diet and also started following stronglifts 5x5

Vegetables are unnecessary.

Nonsense. Develop good habits early on. Your middle age self will thank you.


I don’t know man. When I eat a variety of veggies plus some fruits daily, I feel better and my digestive system thanks me.


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I don’t know man. I find when I sleep on mattresses I get a more restful quality sleep.


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