Changes to D-bol Only Cycle After 2 Weeks?

hi i have started D-bol cycle planned for four weeks.
including testosterone booster tabs,
pre-workout, multi vitamins.
week one- 10mg D bol ED
preworkout, 2multivitamins, testo boosters tabs 2 ED, Liv 52- 4tabs ED…
week two- 20mg D bol ED.
week three- 20mg Dbol ED, & BCAA added.
week four- 30mg D bol ED.
week five- 30mg nolva ED
week six and seven- 20mg nolva ED

i have completed 2 weeks and gained 5 pounds from 200 pounds to 205.
everything looks good so far but i’ m confused to go with 30mg from third week or shall i stick to the plan for 20mg for third week.
enlight me.

I don’t know that I would take BCAAs with dbol for a first cycle… You’re a dare devil, probably taking creatine too, huh?

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That is very light cycle ditch the test boosters , a five week cycle gives very little gains, try 30mg ed dbol, and 250 Sustanon week for like 8 to 12 weeks, you should make noticeable gains. Then after your last shot take your pct, to get nutrients try mrd twice daily even wake up in middle of night and drink mrd or milk or kefir.

I prefer clomid start right after last shot 50mg 30 days, a four week cycle is not going to give good results.

Appreciated your help

any one who can suggest for well managed PCT if i go with sustanan 250.