Changes in Taste Buds, Tolerating Diet, Cravings, Etc

Hi all!

I am a little bit curious about something that’s been going on with me lately and i was wondering if anyone could offer me any insights.

I follow a fairly structured diet. I weigh and measure everything I eat, and I literally have the same things every day, not only for convenience and simplicity sake, but also because i love (ed) it.

I used to be thrilled to death about the chicken, rice and vegetables I was going to eat at supper time even though I literally had the same chicken , rice and vegetables 100 days in a row prior to that.
I would have cheat meals once a week, but I would happily return to my routine the next day, almost relieved.

NOW, however, I can’t seem to handle it anymore. I keep having cheat meals on a whim because i get anxiety about my boring ass suppers. WHICH may seem like a normal, human thing, but I am very OCD and very in control of these things, and having or doing anything unplanned is very unlike me. I also don’t understand why I loved my food for years and now i can’t stomach the thought of it.

It would be easy to say I’ve just had it for too long, and I am now understandably sick of it, but I have been loving healthy, bland foods for 7 or 8 years and never had a problem with it. It seems odd that my 9th year of healthy, happy eating would push me over the edge.

I also keep getting a weird taste in my mouth like my tongue keeps feeling burnt when I haven’t burnt it, so things don’t really taste the same to me anymore.
I was recently diagnosed with sub clinical hypothyroidism , but because I wasn’t overweight or having difficulty losing, the doctor decided medication wasn’t necessary. Could this be contributing to my issues ? I know that when I was very lean and eating a low carb diet, my thyroid acted up worse, but right now everything is fairly balanced, yet i still feel like i can’t handle my existence without eating excessive amounts of carbs.
IE: I feel dizzy and my cravings are overwhelming.

Any opinions are appreciated.


Changes to your neurotransmitters levels, balances, etc. will change the way foods taste and which ones you gravitate towards.

When I was getting panic attacks I would get a lingering metallic taste in my mouth and nothing tasted good.

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Holy shit, wow, I had no idea.

Here’s a little bit on the sense of taste.

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Maybe I’m missing something here, but can’t you be OCD about an entirely new food mix for the next 3 months or so? For example replace:

Chicken->flank steak/turkey/burger
Rice-> potatoes
Veggie A-> veggie B

You can still be increadibly strict and work in some new foods.

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Well for veggies I already eat broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, spinach , green yellow beans, zucchini, asparagus , carrots and lima beans every single night because I am disgusting and I binge eat so in an effort to combat my inner obese woman I just use vegetables.
But yes , I got brave yesterday and got a few new things, but it sucks because the calories in a small beef patty are double what was in my breast and its half the size.
I stuck to chicken and rice because it was low cal and I could have more volume if you refer back to my binge eating issues.

There’s clearly more problem here than food choices. Namely that you hate yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t talk like that. I know a few people with eating disorders, nasty stuff. I hope you can overcome them.

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I dont hate myself, I just hate that particular aspect of myself .

It was all fun and cute when I was 7 and could out eat all the grown men in my family at Christmas time , but now it’s just embarrassing.

I feel I literally do not have that signal in my brain that says “full”. I have eaten massive quantities and never felt stuffed. Maybe I should have done a thread asking if anyone knows about that instead :laughing:. Oh well. Thanks for the reply!

Just get super fat, Spock. Embrace it!

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Holy shit lol! No way! could you imagine how socially awkward I would be then if I’m this bad already :laughing:

This is outside of my realm, but I’m curious … have you ever tried drinking a substantial amount of water before any of these meals where you pig-out? For some, water can help tell the brain “full” when things start to float around …

This really isn’t the same thing, but I get really sick of all food in cycles … I love pizza, but then I don’t have the “taste” for it; I stay away from “Little Caesar’s” until I have a craving and then I’m done for another 3 months. I find this to be true with so many things I eat. I thought it was normal … (?).