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Changed Test Brands, T Levels Dropped Significantly

Recently switched to a vial of Actavis test cyp and my levels have dropped significantly from 900 to 500. It is manufactured by hikma in Portugal, same as westward. Curious if anyone has recent bloodwork with hikma/Actavis/westward/cipla

Ive recently switched to Actavis, from pfizer as well, have not noticed any decrease in effects. Have labs in a few weeks, will follow up…

I cant imagine pharma grade test being that big of a difference honestly. I would assume it goes through some kind of quality control.

how often are you injecting, are you consistent with day/time of injection, and did both tests occur the same day of the week?

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used WW/Hikma for years. Always feel the best on it, lab work confirms. Odd something like that would happen

Test again, and be certain.

Yup both 3.5 days after same dose morning before injecting

Well are you going to retest or hope that you have bunk Test for the next 3 months? This falls on you. Get tested and find real answers. Waiting for someone to chime in to tell you that your new brand is garbage, is negligence.

Lol dude I’m already waiting for the new results. Yes I retested haha

When did you test? Day after Thanksgiving? Lets see those results next week.

One week after the last test later so exactly same point in time no variables changed. It’s lc/ms so takes about a week to get back

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Just a side note : I live in Portugal and apparently we can´t access the Cypionate from Hikma that is manufactured over here.

It’s made there, but they don’t sell it to consumers directly. It goes through probably several distributors before it ends up in a Pharmacy. At least that’s how it goes in the US. I don’t think many ppl realize how many different hands are on medications from manufacture to pharmacy.

Came back at 533 total lc/ms which is def lower than before. Also some guy just posted on Reddit he’s 2 months on 150mg split twice weekly and using hikma 1ml vials and his bloodwork came back at 351 total and 10.1 free. Seems extremely low he’s injecting 1 inch VG IM

If you are convinced and have the evidence to prove a decrease in androgens, then you know what you have to do cowboy. Contact your provider, stat!

I have been on TRT for 20 years. I highly doubt this is from changing brands or a problem at all. I have tested in the 400s all the way to the high 900s.

500 is not a bad number nor are you or anyone affected from fluctuations in the normal range.

Were these vials slightly different in size from the normal ones, and in boxes that were not sealed with tape?

I ask because I had a recent refill and they gave me these this time, but I won’t use them until well into next year, so won’t know whether they are problematic or not.

It’s a large 10ml not sure about the other guys