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Changed Protocol a Few Times in 10 Weeks, Can't Stabilize

Changed up my protocol three times in less than 2.5 months due to different reasons and circumstances, I’ve been back on my original protocol now for 4 weeks and it seems it’s taking longer to settle in this time , Is it because I’ve been changing so much that it’s taking longer to stabilize this time , or maybe the old protocol isn’t ideal anymore

How long were you on a protocol that worked? What was it?

Couple of years , was taking 240 mg test c split into two shots

.6 on Monday night and again Friday morning with no ai

I’ve seen other members make a lot of changes in a short period of time and they take longer to reach homeostasis.

That’s what I’m thinking , I’m gonna give it several more weeks

Guys need some advice , just finished 4 weeks on my regular protocol, still having strange symptoms . My anxiety is bad and had an episode after jogging that scared me , I was extremely hot and grabbed a bottle of cold water and chugged it , my heart went crazy got a few seconds could the cold water have caused this or do I need to get bloods drawn and change my dose

Your levels haven’t stabilized yet which takes 6 weeks, not 4 weeks.

Thanks , the anxiety is what is so bad . I always have a little but dosing changes really brings it out , I’m seriously considering at some point to do everyday injections