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Changed Gym, Changing Routine


Alright I've been doing SL 5x5 for 3 months with amazing results but I had to leave my old gym and this one doesn't have 2,5lb plates which would fit on olympic bar (they are like 30mm and Olympic is 55mm) so I can't steadily progress on any of my lifts anymore. I haven't stalled on squat or deadlift yet, but I feel that I'm very close close to it, I'm working with like 95% of my 5x5 RM every time. So now I'm thinking about changing to Lyle's generic bulking routine. Would this be a good idea?

Weight: 155lbs
Height: 5 foot 7 3/4
16 y/o
Bodyfat: 13% estimate(I can still see my abs)

Lifts: (no belt or anything)

Squat: last session was 231 5x5 (1.5xBW)
Deadlift: 264 1x5
Bench Press: max was 165 lbs for 5x5 (1Rm will be like 220lbs maybe, estimators are wrong for my lifts)
overhead press: 120 lbs 5x5


Just do your best use bigger plates if you have to. All I can suggest is to buy a pair of 2.5 lbs plates and put them in your gym bag or get yourself some plate mates.



or use an extra set of the safety collar things that hold the weights on the bar.


I'd get all the plates possible if I would live in US, but I don't, so the shipping alone would cost like 2x the price the plates cost


Surley you can buy weights in your country where do you live Antartica. If you live in a metric system country eg aus uk nz get yourself a pair of 1.25kg plates or use a pair of metal collars like the other poster advised.


If you cannot get the plates, another option is to go to a hardware store and have them cut you a length of chain, whatever will fit best around the bar properly, and figure out what chain they have that will be closed to the 2.5 lbs / 1.25 kgs or whatever you want.

Personally, without the smaller plates I would try just modifying the program as little as possible if you are still progressing on it -- probably just jump weight only every other time, repeating the same weight otherwise.


Well I'm not really progressing that well on the program, OHP is dead, still on the same weight for like a month, bench press - well I would have progressed as much on any other routine. Squat - today I was already weaker. Deadlift - very close to max, about to stall.

Well I guess I'll just search for those plates. I've also head one dude talking about doing full body with all core lifts 3x a week just focusing on one per workout. I guess it's heavy bench + medium squat + medium deadlift / medium bench + heavy squat + medium deadlift... For 3x10. You get the point. Would this work? I'd really like to have a routine based on these 3 lifts.

EDIT: And I'm eating enough - my weight is going up.


OHP is generally the first lift to stall. Have you de-loaded yet?

I'd say stick to 5x5 for another few months. Once you start to stall, de-load (10% iirc) and work back up as per the programme.


Yeah I have deloaded. Didn't help at all. Okay maybe it added 1 rep on a set..


Decided to go with Lyle's GBR. Fk it. Had a good workout today. I can only imagine what will happen after the runup to maxes lol.... Wish me luck going back home. Good that I live less than half a km from my gym.


By the way what are good hamstring exercises? I have very poor hamstring flexibility so I can't go very low on straight legged deadlifts and leg curls feel very heavy lol I'll probably use it as the lower reg hamstring exercise