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Changed from Once a Week to E3.5D - unexpected lab results after 5 weeks

Injection once a week - ~65 mg Test E
Labs one day before injection T~ 3,5ng/dl usually. HCT~47%.

Obviously 5 days after injection it used to be unacceptable in terms of well-being and libido, so I changed to Tuesday evening and Sat morning, insulin needles, 27g 3/4" in thigh - IM 30 mg E3.5D.

Here are the tests from Friday morning which is 2,5 days after injection (5-6 weeks after protocol switch):
T=299,6 ng/dl
HCT - 49,6%

Good well-being, motivation and libido, so WTF? Could it be just unlucky last injection?
You know raising the dosage is not that obvious since hematocrit is raising.

I’d be happy to read some suggestions.

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