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Changed from E3.5 to EOD, Labs

Hey guys. Here my blood work from 180mg E3.5 days. With .5 AI a week on days of injection. Note that I am currently doing EOD injections of 140mg a week. Potency 5ml vial of 200mg/ml.

I’ve been shallow injecting 140mg EOD with .25AI a week for about 2 weeks now and am noticing some changes/sides. Firstly my facial acne has worsened along with my shoulder/ upper back acne. I am also noticing a lot more hair loss/ shedding. That being said I do feel a lot better (is that placebo cause I’ve only been EOD for 2weeks?) I know that since I’m doing EOD injections there is no need to be at a higher dosage because you sit at higher levels more consistently. I’m considering dropping from 140mg to 125mg a week EOD to see if the acne gets better. Sorry for not having blood work on EOD as I’m pressed for time right now cause I’m going on a trip to Europe soon for a month and a bit and want to find optimal protocol so I don’t have to deal with the nasty sides.

Thank you!

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