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Changed Cycle, Help w/ Frontload

So ive had to switch tests because the prop was just way too painful, So I now have Enth and was planning to run the same as my first cycle, 12 weeks at 500 a week.

Now I see a lot of talk about frontloading enth and I’m just not 100 percent confident exactly how it works. Something like if im taking 500 a week I would shoot a gram of test my first injection? haha I’m really not sure. I would perfer doing 8 weeks thats for sure.

My only worry is, I also train kickboxing if im taking lets say 750 a week is that a safe dose to be taking when im pushing myself to complete exhaustion?

And even with the frontload and just a 8 week cycle would I have the same gains as a 12 weeks cycle?

I have 3 vials of enth just trying to figure out my best route here.
Thanks for the help in advance Oh and pct is just the standard nolva 40/40/20/20 and arimdex .25 ED then taper off in PCT.

Ok so ive been doing a little bit more research, does this seem to make sense? Except I will extend this to a 10 week cycle.

Week 1 - 875mg Test E (frontload 625mg + 250mg)
Weeks 2-10 - 500mg Test E (250mg 2x/wk)

and I would split up that 875mg into 2 shots for the first week correct?

It’s not rocket surgery, just do 2ml/2x the first week, then 1ml/2x a week after that. The whole idea is to get your levels up quickly, you don’t need super precise doses.