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Changed 1st Cycle, Critique Please

Ok originally my cycle was as follows-

(Week 1) 800mg EQ , 30mg anavar ED
(Week2)400mg EQ, 25 mg anavarED
(Week 3) 400mg EQ ,
(Week 4) 400 mg EQ,
(Week 5,6) 300 mg primo, 30mg anavar Ed
(Week 7) 300 mg primo, 30mg anavar Ed,
(Week 8) 25 mg anavar Ed,

Nolva E/D 10mg

Weeks 9-12 Clomid 50mg E/D

After receiving advice and doing some more research I have to decided to change it to this—

(Week 1)800mg Eq, 30mg Anavar E/d
(Week 2)400mg Eq, 25mg Anavar E/d
(Week 3,4,5) 400mg Eq
(Week 6,7) 300Mg Eq,30mg Anavar E/d
(Week 8) 25mg Anavar E/d

10 mg Nolva E/d throughout entire cycle

(Week 11,12,13,14) 50mg Clomid E/d

My intentions with altering the cycle is that it will
A.Save me lots of money
B.Possibly give equal/better results as boldenone needs to run longer than 4 weeks for optimal results.

Question- Hairloss runs in my family, could anybody make a suggestion about a product that might effectively decrease the chances of hairloss in conjunction with these AAS?

Any comments or suggestions on the altered cycle would be greatly appreciated!


Ok, again, EQ needs to be run longer. 7 weeks of an undecylenate ester is ridiculous. You won’t get results until around week 5 from it, so what’s the deal with your reasoning? I don’t think you should run that cycle. EQ and Anavar… Why did you choose these two compounds? This seems like something a sprinter or cyclist would think up. What are your goals? Any previous experience with AAS?

Please go back to the drawing board again bro.

Just my opinion.

re-think this cycle…please. just my opinion, but i don’t like it at all.


if you’re set on using this cycle, i’d suggest adding 50 mg/day of Proviron, which will make it more androgenic and prevent estrogen, and save the Nolva for PCT.

Well this is the gear I have available

Eq 10ml 400Mg (x2)
Anavar 100tab 5mg (x2)
Pct is covered

I could run it longer as somebody suggested, if so how much longer?

This will be my FIRST cycle and I only had intentions of moderate gains.

Never experiencing AAS in my system before I originally planned out a shorter cycle to specifically see how my body reacts to them. Yes using other comounds would probably have been ideal but this is what I currently have available. I would really appreciate any other suggestions. Thanks!


if you want a solid suggestion…i’d say be more patient and wait until this is NOT the only gear you have available. design a better cycle for a first timer and do it right, you’ll be happier you did. IMO test should be the base of a 1st cycle. test alone is even a very good option for a first.

My goal prior to starting this cycle is to obtain good lean mass progressively, that I will not have much trouble retaining. With such a goal, I assumed these AAS would help me achieve that. I have now decided to extend the Equipoise to 10-12 weeks because as stated above, I wouldn’t recieve optimal results from the long acting ester only running it 7 weeks.

(Week 1)800mgEq, 30mg Anavar E/d

(Week 2)400mgEq, 25mg Anavar E/d

(Weeks 3-4-5-6) 400mgEq

(Week 7) 300mgEq

(Week 8) 300mg Eq,

(Week 9) 300mg Eq, 30mg Anavar E/d

(Week 10)300mg Eq, 30mg Anavar E/d

(Week 11) 25 mg Anavar E/d

((Nolva Throughout if needed))
Week 15-18 Begin pct Clomid 50mgE/d

I have my mind set on using these compounds. I am well aware that you vets frown upon it primarily due to it missing test but any further advice that would be beneficial to the outlined cycle above would be greatly appreciated.

ubiquitous is right, that is a cyclist’s cycle. it is not designed to give you size (though it will) but it’s more focused on lean muscle and endurance. if i was looking to put on size i’d use deca300, dbol 25mg, and some test cyp or enth. you can use the equipose in place of the deca, but wait and get some mass stuff. you’ll be glad you did. and if cost is the issue. the above deca300, dbol and test 8-10 week cycle is about $200.00!