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Change Your Shorts!

Have you ever encountered guys who work out at the gym wearing inappropriate shorts?

I’ve seen at least two guys at diffrent gyms over the years working out in their boxer briefs.

Then there’s the occasional guy wearing really short bicycle style shorts that are apparently a size too small and uhh…

What’s with these people parading their junk around at the gym? Does this happen everywhere on occasion or have I been going to deviant gyms?

They worked out in boxer briefs? You mean their underwear???!!! Thats funny. On the ‘technical’ side of things, the boxer briefs probably cover up as much as swimsuits do, but I know where you are coming from.

The only spandex wearing member at our gym is a guy that was a runner. I didn’t care if he wore them. Maybe he feels sexier in them or they help tighten that area (like a powerlifter in a suit).

Regardless as to WHAT you wear…

Your nuts peeking out from under your shorts…or showing when you are benching is just NASTY!!!


When choosing a spotter the next time your benching, especially decline benching, make sure the dude isn’t wearing flared shorts for when he comes in to assist…

…the accidental sight of a pair of gonads, however protected by an inner lining, is guaranteed to make you loose focus - not good on maximal lifts particularly.

The day after I posted this, I was at the gym and the guy in the nut hugging short spandex shorts with matching short cropped shirt (completely be protruding belly!) came and worked out right next to me. It’s like a car crash, I want to concentrate on what I’m doing but I keep glancing back at him in disbelief.

The thing with a guy working out in boxer briefs, yes his underwear, which I swear I have seen more than once, is that the pure cotton material tends to be a lot more flimsy than a bathing suit.

If there’s one of you reading this thread - stop it! Buy some real shorts or sweats or track pants!!

We have a couple foreign exchange students that I think are confused as to what is underwear and what is short. I really don’t have the heart to tell them.