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Change Training While On?


Pretty simple question, but I've been unable to find a fitting topic:
When I do my first cycle, should I change my workout as well? Right now I train on 3 of 5 ( wwrwr ) days and I was wondering if I should try to increase volume since regeneration is better or if I should workout like before? Should I add extra rest days to increase growth?

Sorry if the question is stupid. As I said, this is my first cycle ( test with dbol as starter ) so I have no idea what to expect.



I increase volume by 25-30% of normal


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone NOT increasing volume whilst ‘on’. Remember to increase calories intake as well. As this is your first cycle you’ll need to ‘feel’ your way about a little and, of course, listen to your body.

All though you’re probably not looking this far ahead at the moment but also consider your current training volume and how you will need to reduce it accordingly as you come off. This sounds obvious but it can be hard to come to terms with when it comes to the crunch, trust me.

If you post your cycle and PCT you will be offered good feedback which may be of value to you.


My main concern is about regeneration. There’s a lot of talk about how regeneration is faster, but there doesn’t seem to be a rule of thumb telling how much faster it is. Could I add a 2nd workout per day ( say with complexes or other variants of full body training )? Or should I simply give it a try and see how I feel? You might have guessed already that I tend to over think stuff… Guess that’s why I lurked in this forum for a year before actually starting a cycle…

With regards to the cycle - I am basically following the advice given in the stickies here. 12 weeks test-e with some dbol as starter. PCT as listed. I also got some Nolva just in case for the first couple of weeks.


like he said…you’re just gonna have to learn to listen to your body. Start adding volume slowly and when you feel you’re at your limit, back off a bit.