Change to Twice Weekly

Recently changed pinning from once to twice weekly… symptoms were good, did the change to see if I could increase shbg slightly and lower Haematocrit… also ferritin had crashed so twice weekly might be better
2 weeks in and loss of libido errctions, gym workouts not as good etc
Do you think give it another few weeks or change back to once weekly


This is totally normal, and very common, once you change the dosage, your levels are not steady and your body is searching for homeostasis which tends to occur at 6- 8 weeks. If you get locked into a cycle of constantly changing your dosage every couple weeks you’re gonna be at this dialing in process for a long long and not really see much benefit to therapy.

It’s unrealistic to expect that you’re going to be able to achieve rock hard erections, and have a vigorous libido this early in treatment. It can take 6 months and in some cases longer to “start” seeing changes in erections.

Sorry I forgot to say iv been on trt for 4 months already… once weekly was good but made chsnge to twice weekly to address hct and shbg
Is the drop off in first 2 weeks of chsnge normal?

You threw your body, a curveball, you change the dosage forcing it to adapt and that takes 6 to 8 weeks. If you were to go back to your previous protocol, you will still have to wait for your body to readjust.

This is very unusual. Off the top of my head, I’m not sure I have ever heard of this with a patient moving from once weekly to twice weekly dosing, and there have been hundreds. In fact, I’d expect the opposite. Did you change the weekly mg level? Many feel better with once weekly dosing. What was the hematocrit?

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It’s not so much the dosage as it is the smaller peaks, two of them versus one large one, this is forcing his body to readapt. If you use the steroid plotter you’ll see the mg release is different and this constitute a change in protocol enough that throws the body out of whack.

With 0.25ml dose I may have under doses one of the injections but other than that it’s still same 0.5ml dose… hct was 51 and ferritin down to 30 which made me think to try twice weekly other than that my symptoms were good

Really? I didn’t understand that. Thanks for letting me know. Smaller peaks? Interesting.

This is your problem. You are hypersensitive to hormone fluctuations, or something else is going on. You are an outlier. There are others, but definitely in the minority. You know this due to the dozens of different dosing protocols you have tried over the years. Testosterone naturally fluctuates, even within a day. Good luck and continued success with your current treatment.

The case of super frequency being well over represented on the internet compared to the real world, including dudes who are doing it just for the hell of it because they read something.

Seriously never met a dude out in the world who went more frequent than twice a week.

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Yeh there is no way i could inject more then twice weekly… I mean this shbg makes sense but then like you said there’s loads of ppl not on forums that are on weekly doses prob don’t even know their shbg and doing just fine

It has nothing to do with sensitivity, it has to do with a change in the protocol that alters the hormone profile, which makes the levels unsteady. It is the fundamental reason why the body adapts to life and whatever you throw at it, so any small change forces, the body to adapt.

What the original poster is experiencing is very common and if you don’t think so, we’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

Right, you read the internet. I actually treat real people. I am just trying to help unsuspecting guys who may think you are some kind of expert.

I don’t care what you think. I gave up trying to help you a long time ago. No big deal.



How you do changing dose depends on where you were at beforehand, I think. If TT/e2/etc would super high and you decided to inject less, more often, then you may be fine. If those hormones were barely elevated then you’re likely in for a few weeks of adjustment cos they will be lower for a time

You don’t have to be an expert to figure this one out, the guy changed his protocol, and he started having problems.

I’m going to quote “Occam’s razor” on this one.

I learned my lesson a couple of years ago when a member came on here, claiming to be an endocrinologist, you never really know for sure.

At trough right before injection 570tt and 16 ft injecting once weekly… prolactin and e2 in range

Ah, calling me a liar. I get it now, you’re Abraham Morgenthaler in disguise. No problem, let’s keep it that way.

If anything, I’m just skeptical when someone claims to be a doctor on these forums with no way to actually verify it.

I understand, it’s tough. I did not want to do that, however I was specifically asked to complete the credentials thread. It’s always possible that whatever you’re reading is a bunch of crap. I was led to this site by patients coming to me with crazy ideas from the internet to the extent I had to see for myself. While I don’t think becoming as informed as possible is a bad thing, I encourage it, it can also be the reverse if the information is incorrect or misleading, even though most contributions are simply trying to help others.

Some portray themselves in a misleading way. For example, when you say “I see” and go on to talk from a position of vast experience, it is misleading. When I speak, I speak of real experiences with over a couple thousand of men and women. We’re not disagreeing, I not giving an opinion, I’m relating what a see, and I really see and hear it from real people. Of course, I could be making all of it up. Can’t really help you there, so whatever anyone thinks it is worth is just going to have to be that.

I think, for the most part, you’re passionate about TRT and you have a lot of unusual health conditions. I think you’ve had some very bad experiences in your ongoing search for help. It must be very frustrating. In my mind your mistake, though I believe it to be an honest one, is that you extrapolate your experiences to others and take some of the unusual situations often reported in this kind of format as normal. They’re just not. Believe me or not, no one has related to me some of what you have on this forum.

When you speak of hormones in chaos, not in a steady state, not “dialed in,” etc., and all that comes with that, it just is not normal for guys to have all these problems. That’s the bottom line. If you doubt me, fine. It’s easy to check. Go to a gym and talk to as many as possible who are on TRT. Ask them about their experiences, E2, aromatase inhibitors, dosing levels, injections schedules, libido, anxiety, etc. See what you hear. Then you will really know something, first hand, not something you read from an obscure source. A source like me…

Good luck to all on your path. The amazing impact this has on lives never gets old. Hell, I’ll talk to 20-30 patients a day and then read about this in the evening. My “job” is not work.


100 percent. I know quite a few people who do trt or cruise from cycles and not a single one does more than twice a week. It’s about 50 50 between once and twice a week for the guys I know, and one of the twice a week guys forget their shots sometimes because they don’t think about TRT constantly.

I really appreciate you taking the time to come on the forum. It has really helped me when I first started over a year ago to know what I was experiencing was not out of bounds. I felt helpless at times but coming here helped me not feel hopeless. I am in a much better place since I had zero help from my doctor and even a university medical center. All had old protocols or ones that just lined their pockets. the university asked right off the bat without knowing my levels if I would do pellets. I was even told when I asked about self injection that I couldn’t do that and nobody does that. This forum and it’s knowledgeable people gave me enough information to be part of my treatment plan when what they were doing just caused me additional pain. So thank you for the people here that helped me gather some knowledge and find a better course.