Change to Test Ethanate from Sustanon?

Can I change to test ethanate from sustanon & cycle length

Can I change to test ethanate from sustanon and whats the best length of time for this cycle.

Im on my first cycle of sustanon 250 per week, and its been a bit up and down but things have settled down now,I even had a bad experience after my second jab with itchy and then sore nipples

(which I never thought would happen on this dose) and what seemed to be a fair bit of water retention too but a few days of nolvadex seemed to sort it out or maybe it was my own body but it has cleared up, I have had 4 jabs so far.

I know that there are people out there who recommend taking sust every other day or even 500 a week but its my first cycle and im happy staying at once a week for this cycle just to get into it.

Initially I thought I was making gains but im not so sure now, my strength seems to have improved although a lot of it may be just mental gains, I don�??t know if actually fair to say it is the drugs working. The only thing I can be sure of is my already oily skin is even oiler, and maybe I have had a increase in my sex drive but nothing crazy.

I can also get hold of test ethanate, would it be better for me to switch to this drug for the duration of my cycle, there seems to be a big debate as to which one is better sust or eth. Could I just change to eth after taking the sust and leave the sust for latter cycles.

There also seems to be so many different opinions out there as to how long to run similar cycles. reading through the other posts, I would like to clear it up whats recommend being the optimum length to run it.

some recommend 6 weeks on 2-3off then a course of nolva, others then recon 12 weeks is by far the best length of time and then doing the same for the pct. I would personally rather go for a longer cycle but is it wise and what drug would be best.

I have read as much as I can from past posts but I could do with some advice.

In 205lbs 5�??10�?? 18% bodyfat and just looking to gain some muscle on my many years of natural training which I have come to the point of being extremely bored of.

I really dont understand as to what you are asking. But I must say why bother asking anything at all since you dont listen regardless.

Id suggest to stop everything now and run some nolva for a few weeks. Once you become educated and are willing to learn possibly start again.

Sustanon has over half of the drug as short length estered test, this means that you would need to inject EOD or ED to make the most of that part of the drug, without that injection frequency, you do not achieve steady blood levels with the Propionate and Phenylpropionate esters… essentially wasting them.

The isocap and deca esters are better injected E3D and E5D respectively, however once a week will just about allow enough in the blood for the levels to build over time… however they dont take full effect until weeks 4-6, so the effects you are experiencing now are likely mostly due to the shorter esters… and you are less than happy because you are only getting about 150mg of test injected once a week (of those shorted esters) that lasts about 2 days at any decent(!) level.

250mg test is enough for gains IME. But you should have heeded the advice given by your peers.

There is absolutely no point replacing the sust with the enanthate. You would be better off putting 0.33ml in each syringe, per week, and injecting that Mon, Wed, Fri for the rest of the cycle. Those syringes will be a safe place to store the oil (in a cool, dry place) as long as it isn’t for a matter of weeks.
Then on completion, get reading on this site… dont fucking post though!