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Change Request - Page Backgrounds


The old system had black page backgrounds. That was very good from an ergonomic point of view. It is less fatiguing than a white background.

A white background also highlights any floaters one has in their eyes. Floaters are not seen with a black page background.

Does this web page system support different page backgrounds? Could this be selected in ones profile?



I don’t believe so, no.

White backgrounds are the standard for pretty much all reading across the Web, and that’s likely for a reason. The old style was basically a handcrafted forum, and even back then, people were asking for a white background.


I understand the burden of maintaining a hand crafted solution.
The old system did have some great qualities.
The functionality and speed of the new system is very impressive.

Edit: Finding others here who do not like the glare of the white pages.
Please look into this. There must be a way to alter “background-color:” in the source.

Does anything here look familiar?: https://meta.discourse.org/t/cant-modify-colors/36998/6


This may address the issue.


It’s not an issue of “We don’t know how to change it.”

It’s an issue of “The background color chosen to fit into the site’s overall layout is white.”


I understand the change to a modern forum system from a technical standpoint.

I just don’t understand the stylistic change. The red, black and yellow theme was part of what distinguished this site from everyone else.

Do you know the rationale behind that decision?


I understand what you are saying. But the black background was a good thing. There is a thread in “get a life” where several guys indicate that they do not like the white background.

Is the background color now used the out of the box default?