Change of Protocol


been on TRT now for several years, living in Europe.
I’m reading al lot of negative feedback concerning the use of Nebido for TRT.

My protocol the last couple of years was one using an underground version of this Nebido.
In Belgium , doctors are not into TRT. When someone complaints of a serious lack of free T (ok, after many years of using AAs) the specialists want you to try a few months to restart your own T production using Nolvadex. Even afterwards when its not succesful, nobody prescribes Nebido.

So i’ve set up my own protocol, using Nebido UG. Not after 8-12 week, but every two weeks 1ml.
No AI involved.
My latest bloodworks shows amongst others:
T: 33.04 nmol/L
SHBG: 71.8nmol/L
Free T: 0.454 nmol/l
Oestradiol (E): 29

TSH 3.37 mU/L
FT4: 14.6pmol/L

Hematocrit: 42

This was 12 days after the last shot en 2 days prior to the next.

So, why is my SHBG so high all the time? My total T is allways sufficient but thanks to the elevated SHBG my Free T is not that high (altough ok).

  1. How can I lower my SHBG?

I have to change the protocol cause I have no longer acces to the UG Nebido. So I will transfer to T enanthate every two weeks 1ml in stead of T undecanoate.

2)Will the change into this different esther be so worse as I read here (every two weeks:no stable values) cause the same protocol with T undecanoate worked just fine for me?

Sorry for my English :wink:

Once every 2 weeks isn’t often enough for that form of T for sure.

You need to provide lab ranges for all labs.

Your high SHBG is your main problem, TT is junk and is not the portion of testosterone that is free, the FT is the only portion that matters. The Nebido ester has a long half life and you need a massive amount of androgens to hit your system all at once to suppress SHBG.

I’m afraid nebido may be a waste of time, you need to get ahold of sustanon, enanthate or even cypionate once weekly minimum, these esters are you only chance at suppressing SHBG, there really isn’t any other sure way to do it.

Another is you are going to need at least TT levels at 52 nmol/L to have sufficient FT levels.

Your TSH is problematic, TSH 3.0> is indicating a possible hashimoto’s disease. I’ve never seen a man feel good on TRT with TSH levels this high. fT4 is not the active thyroid hormone, fT3 is the active hormone and a balance between fT3 and rT3 is needed.

TRT cannot work with low thyroid hormones because testosterone is metabolized in the liver and you need thyroid hormones.

As stated above you will need to inject at a minimum once weekly, this once every two weeks will not work because the half-life is too short.

He’s already stated he’s stopping nebido and switching.

witch other labs do you want?
52 IM shots instead of 26 is not something to look forward to, but i will consider it.

The more labs you provide, the more feedback given. Miss any and possibly go on for years wondering why you are still having problems.

Bilirubine 0.69mg/dl
GOT 24U/l
GPT 16
Gamma-GT 11

CK 259
Amylase 147 + U/l (28-100)
Amylase and Lipase are always slightly elevated, nobody knows why
Glucose 86mg/dl
Fsh and LH: <0.1
Prolactine 12.9ng/L
IgE : 146kU/l always elevated
Iron saturation 52
Iron 152
Cholesterol: 191 mg/dl
HDL 60
Non HDL 131

I do 365 shots a year (not that you need to) and feel like the second coming of Jesus Christ. You’re looking at it wrong. Brushing your teeth takes 10 times longer than taking a shot and you do that several times a day (I hope) and don’t even think about it. Use insulin syringes and you can’t even feel the shot. Literally can’t feel it. Go with Jesus


Hormone profiles after intramuscular injection of testosterone enanthate in patients with hypogonadism

In fact, the present study confirmed serum levels of T which were lower than pre-ART value levels on day 14 after administration. Therefore the further decrease in serum T levels on day 14 after administration is considered to relapse of hypogonadal symptoms and to reduce the patients quality of life.

When on TRT I inject 365 days a year.

Because Jesus

ok, so i can inject SC eod for example? TRT Protocols here in Belgium differ a lot in comp with you guys, and I’m not familiar with SC injects for test enanthate , the oil is not too thick to get into te syringue? Don’t know anyone here who shots SC with this esther

SC shots would indeed be no problem

Yes you can inject SubQ EOD with insulin syringes. It takes longer to draw the medicine into the syringe but it works fine. Just be patient.

Some people like subQ, some don’t. I didn’t. You could also do EOD shallow IM with a 1/2" insulin syringe in your delt.

There’s no guarantee SQ is going to show optimal results, I felt terrible on SQ and felt as though estrogen increased and it was as if I had missed a T injection over the course of days. I’ll bet the entire injection converted the estrogen.


Drawing with a small gauge insulin syringe is a pain, and with some oils almost impossible. Use a large gauge needle to back fill the insulin syringes, There are videos on Youtube, usually for people doing B12 shots. It’s easy to do and fast. The Cypionate in Central Amaerica is in an oil that is virtually impossible to draw with a 27 ga needle, so I back fill.

If he’s doing EOD shots it’s likely such a little amount to draw that out won’t take much time even with a smaller needle.

Depends on the oil. The last time I tried, I literally could not get the 27 ga to draw any, at all. Tried three needles to make sure it wasn’t a needle failure. I don’t know what the suspension oil is, but it’s too heavy for a draw with a little needle. It injects, although the plunger arm is usually a little bent while I’m pushing.

I’ve only ever used merica oil so you maybe you’re right.

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can’t predict the stuff i can get my hands on. That’s a shame here in Belgium, TRT is still something unknown and doctors won’t touch it…So we have to figure it out ourselves and…also purchase the T on the internet. So, the brand of the stuff, the oil, over- or underdosage is still to be seen.
Pretty amazing how different guys think about TRT (protocol) here in Belgium/The Netherlands and over there in the US. A lot of guys swear with Test enanthate 250 every two weeks, or even Sustanon every two weeks ( in the Netherlands only Sustanon and Nebido are prescribed).
Also labranges and interpretation are different. One should think this is similar across the ocean…