Change of Protocol and Feeling Off

Hi Guys ,

This is my first time posting , I have been following this forum for a while, I have an issue regarding my trt protocol and wondering if you guys can enlighten me up a bit .

I have been doing TRT for a while , self prescribed. My protocol was twice a week 50mg per shot so total 100 weekly of enanthate. No Ai

I decided to increase my dose up to 150 weekly with different protocol MWF , it has been 4 weeks now but I kinda feel off , i am having sometimes some mood swings , anger sometimes . And the weirdest thing is I’m not having much pump while training , kinda feeling not motivated , when I take pre workout after an hour ish I am getting anxiety and feeling terrible for few hours which I wasn’t feeling like this before changing my protocol .

I am planning to take a blood test in 2 weeks, but what it bothers me is why pre I workout is triggering such a anxiety feeling ?

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Pre workout is full of caffeine, probably compounding on your overdrive neurotransmitters from the dose increase. For the record, when I started TRT, I realized I couldn’t tolerate stimulants like I used to, and toned the usage down

You have to give it a couple months to let the body get used to this new dose you are on. First the levels have to stabilize and that might take a while on enenthate. I can’t recall the half life on this. Once it’s stable you have to let the body now get used to this new level of hormone in the body.there are all types of reasons for this.

One suggestion to help in making this process easier is to inject more often.

Have patience it will work. You made a dose change of 50%.

What were your levels at 100?

Also self prescribed means black market correct? How do you know if your T is quality and the dose is accurate? Maybe it’s not 150mg this time and you are taking either much less or much more. That’s the issue with BM stuff. Accuracy of dose.

If you were fine on 100 why go to 150.

It might sounds silly , but I wanted to increase the muscle gains , muscle dysmorphia is a real thing .

Unfortunately where I am located its a very long process to be able to get prescribed trt by a doctor , and also a very terrible protocol .

Yes it’s from black market and overpriced 120 dollars for 10ml.

That is what I was thinking , I’m trying to hold to see how I feel after my hormones get stable with this dose , but also at the same time considering lower the dose to 100 as I was feeling good .

My levels were , drawn blood was done morning before my shoot .

Total T : 20.6. 9.5 - 35.0
Free T : 9.3 3.5 - 9.3
SHBG : 22 15 - 85

That could be , usually I drink 2 - 3 cups
Of coffee and feel great , this pre workout has 300 of caffeine , could be the reason .

Since you already are at 150. Give it 2 months on that dose and then assess. You can always go back down.

You prove that with mid range t numbers you CAN feel good with 100mg.