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Change of Lab Ranges?

Wow this is crazy. The lab ranges for free t in the lab I use have totally decreased. And this is the best lab in my country. The free T is being sent and measured in Germany. But they said the range is changed because the method of measurement was changed from RIA to EIA, the units are the same. Does it make sense?

This is my old reading 2-3 months ago:
Free TestosteronS 11 ng/l 8.30 - 40.10 RIA

And this is my last week reading according to which I’m high-normal:
Free TestosteronS 16.0 ng/L 7 - 22,70 EIA

Can someone explain me this?

I indeed have increase in total t because I use caber and possibly because i used clomid for short, but why the fuck they tell me my free-t is high-normal when according to the old ranges it was sub optimal?

The ratio looks like another trick to keep levels and standards lower, so a guy comes in complaining low testosterone and told his levels are almost high normal where before they are low normal.

The medical community really has a hard-on for heavily restricting the use of TRT, this is sickening!

You must know big pharma is behind it all, TRT treats and prevents disease and want to make it difficult to get treatment. I remember 3 years ago Labcorp lowered the ranges 348->264 and it didn’t take long for the UK to follow suite and the rest of the other counties.

Wow but how can they lower the upper range two times? This just seems absurd to me. I know they always lower them but that much…its crazy.

Even so does the measurement method mean anything here?

Drop the lower end of the range and you can eliminate x% of potential patients. Cui bono? The insurance companies that don’t want to cover this expensive treatment.

Yes but the thing is they decreased two TIMES THE UPPER RANGE. I’ve never heard of such decrease. I want to know how much is my free T now compared to the previous value.

Your probably right, the insurance companies see a trend of more percentage of men being diagnosed with low T in the next 10 years.

Look at all the ED and low T commercials, men are running to the doctors asking about their hormones which will lead to more diagnosis.

Imagine all those men and women on SSRIs and ADs when what they have is low T and/or thyroid problems, not a Viagra and Prozac deficiency.

Sales loss on a billion dollar scale. I notice smaller countries have the lowest standards for TRT.

Are RIA and EIA not different test methods? Perhaps that’s part of why and it’s not a conspiracy to lower the normal levels for the insurance company.

Just an idea.

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Apparently RIA is the least sensitive and worst way to measure available.

Does it mean it shows bigger values than EIA ir cannot be said? I read the study, but no explanation about EIA…

Also looks like to me, maybe there is the conspiracy part a bit also.