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Change of Direction

OK, here’s the deal - for the past four years i have dedictated myself to just weight training with a little cardio here and there.

My first form of physical exercise was judo when i was seven and then i did Karate up until i was sixteen and then did Kickboxing until i was 21 and then started Muay Thai for 3 years until i was 24. (My favourite of any of the martial arts i had tried) Though the club started to lose members and i started getting back into just lifting weights.

Anyway my flexibility has gone out the window, i feel stiff all the time and i feel a bit of a fraud having a well built body and yet doing ‘nothing’ with it. Seeing the guys on cage rage and K1, makes me want me want a physique more akin to a fighter than a ‘bodybuilder’.

So i am turning my training around from this week, I am going to try and do at least two to three total body workouts a week, using all basic compound moves, bench, squat, deads, chins and dips, and the rest of the week to condition, improve flexibility, running, skipping, doing more dynamic type movements i.e dumbell snatches, burpess, sledgehammer drills etc.

I also have a target to work to now as i have booked up two weeks in November to train Muay Thai at the WMC camp in Koh Samui, Thailand. I will at some point post pics of how i am now and how my body changes, towards the end of the year prior to Thailand.

My current stats are 5 Ft 10 weiging in at 186 pounds and i had my Bodyfat tested a couple of weeks ago @16%. I hope to retain my weight around this level.

Apologies for the long post but i feel if i get it down here in writing it will help push me towards getting results. Anyone else on a similar training style? Anyone have any comments. Cheers Bomber!

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BB - the end of November is just coming out of their rainy season and goes into their ‘cool season’ although that’s still an average temp of 80! But the humidity shouldn’t be too bad, but i’m determined to get in some real good conditioning before. The skipping is fine, i can do 20 mins no probs, the running, well to say i’m shite is an understatment! Hit the heavybag a couple of nights ago and i’ve tightned up too much on that, i’m punching all arms and shoulders, but i’ll get there!