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Change of Assistance?

After too much overthinking, I’ve been through nearly 2 cycles of Original 5/3/1 with an A/B format. I’ve been doing this 3 times a week. Running 5k at least once and doing Hill Sprints at least once.

Squat/ Bench
Chins, Pushups and Decline Sit ups

Deadlift/ Press
Chins, Pushups and Back Raises

I’m thinking of using a 3 or 4 day template next for a leader and wanted to still include Chins and pushups, basically because I started off poorly and I’m getting better at them.

Forever prescribes a number of push, pull, core for each workout. Does anyone for instance do something like Chins, Push Ups and Back Raises as assistance for all 4 workouts in a week? If the volume of assistance is reduced for the leader, surely this would keep me trained in these movements.

On another note, I’m looking to run a strength template that’s ok for size but not the main focus. Anyone have any good experiences?

Edit: Bench, Deads and Press are all improving. I’m doing Front Squat because my gym doesn’t have a squat rack and this is progressing much slower.

I don’t, but I don’t think there’d be a problem with those three choices, although…

Considering this I would put in goblet squats (which you can push pretty heavy) 1-2 times a week as assistance.

I don’t really know about this. I would guess you’d mean choosing supplemental work that is lower rep like BBS or 5x5 SSL rather than BBB or widowmaker.

Just a nitpick on this, but I would include ab work over back work if doing the same assistance every session. Squat and deads are rough on your low back as-is, especially if you’re power cleaning your bar up for front squats.

Template-wise, I loved Pervertor and ran it as a 3-day a week program. Good strength focus but added size as well. It did a lot to help solidify my form which was nice.

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Doing the same assistance every day is generally fine. But if you have to, on the template you’re soing I’d pick a little more variation (personally).

Pushups and dipa for push.
Chinups and inverted rows for pull.
Back raises and leg raises (abs) for sl/core.

But by all means, that woulr make it very compatible to 531 for beginners (it’s in forever). Maybe you could try running that!

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Ok, Pervertor has caught my eye and I think I’ll start running it next week.

Just for feedback, my assistance might look like this when running it 4 days a week.

Deadlift (Saturday)
Push ups
DB Squat

Press (Sunday)
Decline Sit Ups

Front Squat (Tuesday)
Decline Sit Ups

Bench (Thursday)
DB Squats

Seems balanced right?

Looks good to me, just be smart about how hard you push your assistance. That supplemental work is no joke! Good luck, put up a training log on here if you can :metal:

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Good idea. I might do that.