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Change Mid Cycle

First cycle was going to do:
weeks 1-4 100mg prop eod as a jumpstart
week 1 800mg enan as a front load
after 4 weeks I was going to switch to enan only 500mg week (probably split up into two injections a week).

Problem is prop is creating some problem with my skin at injection site. I’m 2.5 weeks into cycle can I drop prop now and expect my enan to carry me or will it still be a week or two before enan becomes beneficial?

I suppose you vets are experienced enough to know by feel but so far all I feel is a little bit more strength and some hooooge pumps. I don’t really see much size increase yet (unless you count when I’m pumped I look like I’ve put on 50 lbs of muscle, lovin dat shit).

So is my enan active or should I tough out a little more prop?

another week and a half of prop EOD is only what…5, maybe 6 injections…rotate your sites and tough it out bro.