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Change In Diet = Mad Diarrhea

Vitals: Male, 22, 5’10", 167lbs, 6 months training

Some background: I eat every 2-3 hours and have a fair amount of carbs because I’m living in Hong Kong right now. So I probably have ~150-200g of whole wheat bread and white rice/noodles a day + all my veggies and fruit. I’m also keeping to ~1g protein per lb a day. Since I started working out I’ve had pretty regular bowel movements and the protein increase made them generally softer…

supps: BCAA, Flameout, multi-vitamin, shakes, bars, olive oil

QUESTION: I recently changed my breakfast from 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with some smoked salmon and 2 eggs to 135g of rolled oats and 1 scoop of protein powder and this whole week I’ve had lots of diarrhea and gas. I’ve also been hitting the bathroom to crap about 5 times a day. Has anyone experienced something similar? is 135 grams of rolled oats too much for a guy my size for breakfast?

note: I used to try to avoid all the white rice/noodles but its nearly impossible - whole wheat really doesn’t exist here except in the rare western restaraunts…

We’re in almost exactly the same place in all of our stats, weird coincidence, huh?

I did exactly the same thing, added 1c oats to my breakfast for a week, and noticed that I would get bad diarrhea about 6 hours later, containing partially digested oat bits (sorry for the image). Needless to say, I figured this was probably bad, and since my body seemed to want to get rid of the oats as fast as possible, I concluded that I should probably stop eating them. I don’t know what caused it, but I’m guessing it was a mild food allergy of some sort. Try substituting some other whole grain, quinoa is pretty tasty, though I don’t know where you’d find it in Hong Kong.

I take Oats Just Fine =/ and u guys are very light. Maybe because you are from the west? (Not being racist).

Cause i read in one of the articles, that Asians can Handle Grains + rice… But cannot handle Milk.
While Caucasians handle Milk well, but have “no business” eating oats?..

Search it? =P