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Change in Blood Pressure - Why?

Over the past six months my blood pressure has gone from normal (120/80 give or take a few points) to high (about 155/91) which I just discovered a couple days ago. It had been pretty stable at normal levels for about 2 years prior to that. I’m having a heck of time identifying what has changed that might have caused BP to increase. I’m hoping some T-Nation members might have some suggestions as to what to look for while I wait for my doctor appointment.

This is what I do know has changed…

  1. I have NOT been taking any thermogenics / stimulants / fat burners for a couple months now, but I did try one bottle of Hot Rox in that period.

  2. My body composition has not changed significantly in that period, (although it’s pretty poor anyway.) In other words, I’m not getting fatter.

  3. I have been getting a lot more sun exposure and tanning, and hence a lot more vitamin D.

  4. Along with the vitamin D, I’ve been taking calcium supplements and getting more dairy products than I have before. Other than that, no changes to the diet. I do tend to eat low carb.

  5. My HRT has changed from 250mg of test enanthate every other week to 125 mg per week.

  6. I increased the intensity of my exercise program a lot in the past 3 weeks, adding a lot more energy work and lifting heavier with fewer reps.

  7. I ran out of both Biotest “M” and ZMA a couple months ago and haven’t taken any of those in a while. (Just got a fresh batch!)

  8. I can’t think of anything particularly stressful throughout that period.

It seems that most of these changes should lower blood pressure, including the vitamin D and calcium. What am I missing? Could it be something subtle? I’m afraid my GP won’t be able to recommend anything other than to prescribe drugs.