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Change in Biotest Creatine?

Just opened a new bottle of Biotest creatine after finishing my old one and something seems different (besides the new lid). The new one has a consistency closer to that of Glutamine powder. To compare it to my “old” bottle of creatine, the old one had a more granular consistency, like that of sugar. The new one has more the consistency of baking flour. Am I nuts or has something changed?

Quoting Mod Brian:

“We’ve just been able to get the particle size even smaller than before so that there’s less GI issues and potentially better absorption.”


Thanks, sorry for the repost.

Interesting. I always thought the older formula was gritty.

I will check out the new one.

I got the new one. It’s just like AST’s micronized creatine. You don’t recognize either of them being in an liquid except for a very slight chalky taste (if it’s just in water).