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change in activity level

I am a fairly high level mountain bike racer who is used to training (riding my bike) 8-15 hrs/week (and who likes to lift in the off-season). Long story but a sports-med doc recently diagnosed me as being over-trained and told me to take 4 weeks completely off from aerobic exercise. I am only allowed to swim and lift (supposed to be taking it easy lifting). Well, I am 2 weeks into this and have gained 4 pounds! I am trying to eat less but I am always hungry and thus eating more crap than I should. My question is: when will my appetite decrease to a level equal to that of activity or, in this case, inactivity? Would something like MD-6 help me? I have tried 100mg of 5HTP before leaving work but I still go crazy w/ snacking when I get home.


Something like MD6 would stimulate your nervous system and just make it harder for you to recover from your overtraining. I wouold recommend some natural Testosterone booster such as Tribex or M to help you recover your natural T production. You’re gonna just have to get used to not being able to eat so much food and until then you will likely struggle.