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Change from 5x5 FSL

Hey all,

Been following 5/3/1 for just over a year now and loving the progression it’s providing me! Been lifting weights I never thought I would!

I’ve been running the 5x5 FSL add on for a fair while now, and feel like a change… are there any recommendations of what to move on and try next? I have been thinking of a run of standard BBB using temple 2 from Beyond.

Any recommendations?


BBB, BBS and SSL are the most obvious options.

What Rattus said.

However, more recent postings on BBB indicate that Jim no longer recommends that you do the opposite lift on the standard BBB programming, except for something like the BBB 12 Week Challenge (a specific challenge with a purpose to switching them up)

In the Forever book, there may be a specific program that does , but I can’t name them off the top of my head…

I have always liked SST ( simplest strength template) from 2nd edition. You can run it for all the lifts, and gives some exercise flexibility.

Well I’ve taken on board the advice, and like the sound of SST and the 12 week BBB challenge. As I’ve got a week away in a month I’m gonna give SST a run as my week away would interrupt the 12 week challenge… so that can be the next temple I give a go next year after SST.

A question that’s probably been asked 1000 times, but what do you do for the deload week (for the assistance lifts) on SST? With BBB I’ve stuck at just three sets of 50%… is there a template for deload week on SST? If it’s in the books I’ve got 2nd edition and beyond.

Thanks again

Forever covers 7th week protocol and Beyond has a few simple deload options.

The original book(2nd edition) goes with 40%/50%/60%x5 for SST supplement lift Deload just like the main.

I’m a fan of the old school deload weeks from the first book. I just do them every 7 instead of 4 now.

Thanks for the replies… last question (which I think I know the answer to but want to confirm). In 2nd edition, under SST Jim gives a SST template, pairing bench with incline, OHP with close grip bench etc. Jim also gives a list of recommendations of pushing, pulling, and squatting exercises. Are we free to choose what ever pushing exercise we like to go with bench and OHP, and what ever squatting exercise to go with squats and deadlifts?

For example, Jim’s example puts bench with incline, however I’d like to keep benching twice a week, so would like to do bench with close grip, and do incline on OHP day… that make sense?

Any thoughts?


Yes. You are correct. I would try and use lifts that will compliment and improve your main lifts, and require minimal warmup.